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So far swapping in the I25 U wedge for the Tour S 52 degree has been money.  The I25 is much easier to use around the greens and off of hard pan.  It has great feel but is also very forgiving.  I think I will be adding the I25 wedge very soon.  
Thanks I have been reading on this site for the past couple of years just soaking up all the information but I decided to post this one because it seems a little odd.  Most people pick a set of clubs and just go with that whole set.     I will let you know how it works out for me.    Thanks again, 
Hey guys i have been playing g10 irons for the past few years and i love how they play for me.  I have been playing 4 iron through PW in G10 and then had Ping tour W wedges in 52, 56, and 60 degree.  I have hit pretty much every iron out there from every manufacturer the last couple of years and I have not found anything that i hit good enough to replace my G10's.  The only complaint i have with the G10 irons is control and feel in the 9 and PW.  Recently I traded out my...
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