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Played Brookwater today. Australia's 2nd hardest golf course, Slope 146. Off the back tees. Wind was strong. 110 degrees fahrenheit. I was hungover due to my high school 10 year reunion. I shot 48-52 / 100. My handicap is 4! First time I've shot over 100 in over 13 years!! I was eaten alive. Main thing though is that I had fun.
I live in Brisbane, Australia. We can play year round with our winter averages being around 70F! Coldest ive played in would be about 60.. Otherwise its the heat that is troubling. Regularly play in temps over 100f. Earlier this year did a round in 113F!!!!
I only have free weights as well with a bench (with leg extension). Warm up with 3 x 5rep 75% deadlifts. 5 x 1 Maximum deadlift - Adding in 10 calf raises on each one. 5 x 10 50% squats (purely because i dont have a squat rack) Then maximum weight leg extensions until my legs fall off.   I can't do lunges due to chronic patella tendonitis.. the knee doctor prescribed me this workout 6 months ago and its been getting stronger in leaps and bounds. My leg muscles were...
Oh man, one of you people.I've had pro's tell me on multiple occasions that I am by far the longest driver pound for pound they have ever seen. As for my irons.. well they are below average length.But why make this about length, i only care about draining my putts.FYI: This is in Australia. We are in a drought, the fairways are dry. They probably run 10-15 yards further. Now lets get our knickers out of a twist. 
Im one of those people who everyone hates. My metabolism is through the roof and I can eat everything in sight and still not gain weight. I play multiple sports as well as strength training so I always struggle with going close to falling into the underweight category. Needless to say, outside my sports I do no aerobic training at all.   Prime example: Last month I completed the Everest Base camp trek. 12 days straight of walking at high altitude. I kept my...
 Thanks! In my round of 75 I had 7 bogeys but birdied all 4 par 5's.. I was concentrating well but those brainless 3-putt bogeys you talked about happened to me as well!Back to the practice green!
Last hole, im 7 over at this stage and looking to finish steady. Take an easy 3 wood for centre of fairway? Nah, cold top off the tee bounce off the womens tee and sit about 265 yards from the hole (Par 4) in the rough. Not good.  Grab the 3 wood out again and ask my playing partners where the pin was because I couldnt see it. They laughed because they didnt think I was serious. I launched this ball with precision, over the trees onto what i thought was a good line,...
I took up golf at 14. Practiced and played par 3 courses for 2 years. Grew up playing cricket so the general swing was there.. Got my first handicap of 14 when i was 16. By the time i finished juniors i was down to 9. The next 3 years i dropped another 3 shots to be off 6 after increasing the amount of practice time. Then life, injuries, women etc got in the way and i left the sport for 4 years.   Started playing again two years ago and hovered between 11-9 for 12...
Had 3 rounds on the weekend: 79 with a triple bogey to finish, 77 & 75. Improving with a lot more consistency, i think the main part of improvement for me has been staying out of trouble off the tee and chipping, chipping, chipping!
I just remembered this pure 8 iron i struck on our 9th hole. The hardest green on our course by far. I hit it and instantly said "thats too good, its dead at the flag" Danced around the pin then spun back 5 metres down to the bottom tier (its a huge slope). Two putts. Not happy.
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