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Hello guys, I just bought two Matrix Ozik shafts on ebay and I'm curious if anyone on here have some knowledge about their shafts? I got a HD 6 shaft from before where the barcode has some different font than the two I bought.. Anyone ever heard of fake ones? Anyone who owns a set who can compare mine to their? Write here or pm me please!  
Hello, Im in the business to buy the Pure grips but I'm debating wether to buy the Pure pro or the DTX.. Any feedback?  I played Multicompound and right now the Tour velvet.. And I can't try these grips anywhere near me.. But I still want to give these a go.. So post your feedback please, any tips are appreciated!  
It's working fine with the shaft just half into the driver hosel.. Hopefully it will not come loose anytime soon! 
The guy I bought the head from told me it's an aluminium ridge down the hosel, so I just need to put it down 35 mm then it will work just great.. I haven't tried the club at the golfcourse yet..  I had a geek driver head before with the shaft, and that was 35 mm deep.. so it seems to be legit.. :)  Thanks for all the input though!
Never mind.. The head is made like that.. There is a aluminium Ridge that stops the shaft from going more than 35mm.. Maybe I should've out epoxy in the hole as well.. We will see if the head flies off the shaft =)
It's a Miura giken sit 460 head attach to a matrix HD 6.. What does .335t mean? =)
Hello fellow golfers, I just fitted my 0.355 hosel driver head with my 0.355 shaft but it would only go half way down.. Is this a problem or will it last? About 1 inch went down the driverhead but after that, there is a aluminium ridge that my shaft wouldnt go down into.. I sandpapered my shaft but still it wouldnt go down that extra inch.. Anyone done this before and it went okay? Let's just say the driverhead is about 2 inch deep so I filled 1 inch.. On the...
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