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I have the 913d2, and love the Diamana 62 in it.  I feel it is slightly stiffer, and gives me good control.     But, when I had a similar problem, I changed from the 10 finger grip to the overlap and it radically improved by driving.
I went to a 913d2 and the fitter helped me configure it.  Great choice.  I get a much more consistent flight.  I've no readjusted my 910H's to similar configs.  A lot easier than my old TM w/ the weighting system, which was a PITA to change.
I recently purchased by 2nd Scotty (Futura X).  I also have the older Futura.  I think it is a great putter and an improvement.  But if you aren't sure about a Scotty, check out the Bettinardis.  They are great as well.  But I've had some solid less expensive options.  But to me, you can feel the difference b/w a cheaper putter and a Scotty, Bettinardi, or any other premium putter.
I've been doing it a long time ago.  Back when, before every putter had a headcover, someone told me that was the best way of keeping it safe.  I don't always put the covers back on during a round (helps cut down on losing them), though I usually try and put the putter cover back on.
Very few things hit like a Bettinardi, or a Cameron.  They are 300-500 for a reason.  But, the best feeling putter I had not in those categories is my Cleveland classic.  They come in several styles, and have a great feel for under $100.  I feel they are the best putter outside of the elite priced Bettinardi or Cameron.  I have the Cleveland Classic 7.  Also, some of the older Bettinardi's like the Ben Hogan Baby Ben have a pretty good feel, though a mallet not a blade....
Yeah, I think I carry a lot of wedges at 4 (though I often drop to 3).  I usually carry a 47, 50, 54, and 60.  I feel that covers everything.  You could review the bounces you've selected for your wedges, and I bet that would allow you to cut 2.  I think the extra 4w would be great, and certainly the money iron (7i).  In fact, I think my 7i is my most versatile club.  Can pitch, run, vary it from 100-160.   The 4w can be helpful around the green, as you can use it to run...
Nike VR Pro PW: 47   Vokey's SW: 54 LW: 60   Though sometimes I throw in or sub depending on conditions: Vokey's 48 50 58
I play the e5 and e6s.  I feel they are a great ball for the price.  I rely on my short game, and feel I have a great feel with either ball, though the e5 is better.     I'm going to give the Titleist Velocity a swing my next time out.  I prefer to stay in the 25-28/box range.  I think bridgestone makes a great ball for the price.
Hmm, that is a really good idea.  I may have to start doing that...  Thanks!
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