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I used a steel shaft in my 7 wood for a long time.  I experimented w/ different shafts and found one that worked for me that was graphite, so I could pick up a couple of yards.  I moved from the steel to fubuki's last year.  I thought the same thing for a long while, should I just put steel in everything.  But, eventually finding some nice graphite shafts worked well.  I still like slightly heavier graphite, but still able to grab a little more distance.
I had my 52 changed to 51.  Or get a 50 and see.  But like others have said, probably just work on altering your grip and backswing w/ your pw.  Could ditch the set PW, and get something with a different loft to help bridge the gap.
I carried a 3w as a backup when my driver went wonky.  But I dedicated time to it, and not so much an issue.  I went to a 4w as I felt it was better off the deck.  I've used the 4w for only a short time, but it outstanding.  The xhot2's are great.    I'd say it depends on your drive loft too.
I've had no problem using my 45, 913d2.  I spoke w/ my fitter about shortening my driver as I had read a lot of web gossip about it.  He had some good points I thought.  1.  Why, do you need another 3 wood?  2.  If you have a hard time w/ the driver at a length made for a majority of the population, and you have a swing that is relatively normal, then why shorten and possibly sacrifice distance.  3.  If you have control problems, practice or take lesson.   I left it at...
How about on the scoring end, adding a 60'ish wedge?
I have the Titleist 910 in 21 and 27 degree.  Love them.  Easy to hit, and land  easy.  I feel the 910h is better than the 913 due to it's ease to use.  
I had 50, 54 and 60 Vokeys in Oil Can.  I decided to upgrade, and went with, 52 Hopkins, 56 Vokey Indigo, and 60 Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind.    I've had great results with these, and while I prefer to go with the same brand on all my wedges, I'm quite happy w/ the spin and control of my wedges.  The Callaway and Vokey are great.
Hey Guys, Need some advice.  I have a general swing speed of 85-93 mph for my driver, hence in the 220-230 distance range.  My scores suffer due to the distance and ability off the tee, and inconsistent putting.  I am a pretty good iron and wedge player (play and hit my blades well).   I'm looking at dumping my 3 wood.  I need something I can hit better off the deck.  I had used a Titleist 983pro 15* for many years, and switched to the RBZ HL3 17*.  Couldn't really hit...
I have the 913d2, and love the Diamana 62 in it.  I feel it is slightly stiffer, and gives me good control.     But, when I had a similar problem, I changed from the 10 finger grip to the overlap and it radically improved by driving.
I went to a 913d2 and the fitter helped me configure it.  Great choice.  I get a much more consistent flight.  I've no readjusted my 910H's to similar configs.  A lot easier than my old TM w/ the weighting system, which was a PITA to change.
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