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Outdoor swings over grass, no ball.  Driver and 3w.  Same as I have been working on.  Good backswing, not too long, feel full coil.  Hip slide starts the motion, feel the tension in the torso.  Head still, fast but not forced swing, smooth speed.  Don't "hold on", feel the club fully release, left elbow fold on follow through.  Do this with 1/2 speed swings and full swings.  For both clubs.  Pick a blade of grass or small leaf and make the the "ball".  Make sure that the...
Lesson day.  5h and driver on video.  Looks good.  Head is staying still, good hip slide/turn, good pause at the top.  This, along with the hip slide results in good lag.  Left elbow is folding nicely.  Keep working on all of these, try to get a little more elbow fold.   Lag putting from 15'.  Holed 2 out of 20, the rest were within 12".  Lag putting from 25'.  All within 18", no hole outs.
Outside swings over grass, no ball.  Working on keeping the left elbow in.  Tension free hands, feeling of max club head speed when it reaches point of impact (where the ball would be).  Full follow through.  I have been working on this for a while and I feel like I am getting a bit better.  I feel smooth, relaxed speed.   I used to coach high school track.  All events except 800m, 1600m and 3200m,  In coaching sprints, the hardest thing to teach is how to run fast but...
I completed the August Challenge.
Putting on my 36" ruler board.  Treated each putt as a real putt on course.  Went through my routine and then putted.  Did 30 putts, 20 went the full length.
Outdoor swings over grass. Driver and 5h. Working on a still head, no tension and good hip slide/turn. Club head speed feel like it is increasing.
Indoor swings.Half swings head still, brush the carpet. Full swings same thing.
Putting on my 36" ruler board.  Keep the follow through on line.  Shipping with foam balls indoors.  Hit the spot you want the ball to land on the green.
Wedge swings in the grass outside, no ball.  Worked with my SW.  Half, 3/4 swings.  Worked on relatively quiet lower body, with a small shift and a fuller turn in the follow through..  Then worked on the pitch swing.  Let the arms fall into the swing, hands close to the body, thump the ground, use the bounce and turn through the follow through.
Practiced chipping before my lesson today.  At the lesson, worked on my driver swing.  Trying to get a bit more distance without messing up my swing.  Worked on a bit fuller shoulder turn and a solid right leg to create torque.  Any tension in my arms/hands and the ball goes a bit left.  No tension and I get a nice little draw with a solid "pop" at impact.
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