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Outside, no ball.  Driver swings.  Start slow, half swings.  Stay connected, no left elbow chicken wing.  Keep head still, hip slide/turn.  Increase speed, no tension.  Feel the speed through the contact zone.  Same with 5h and 3w.
I completed the July challenge.  Three straight months!  Yeah!
Lesson.  7i and driver video review.  Fixed a slight move forward with the driver swing that had me hitting off the rear/heel of the club face.  Putting from 15' and 25'.  Worked on reading the line and hitting an intermediate target.
Swing mapping.  Then indoor swings.  Weight shift feels good, arms feel loose and connected.  Brush the carpet.
Indoor swings.  Head still, hip slide/turn.  Brush carpet.
Indoor swings in the morning.  In the afternoon, 7i and driver into the net.  Keep head still and don't shift forward.
Wow, very cool for a cruiser.  On the top end of the scale for a cruiser, like a Scotty putter....   Their bikes use a "flat foot" technology.  Lets you sit in the seat and still basically touch the ground.  My dad rides one, loves it.  Solid frame, good 3 speed (better than a single speed in my opinion, unless you just want to ride short distances on very flat terrain).   If you want that upright and laid back position, little pressure on the hands, then it is a great...
I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I was a bike mechanic, salesperson and store manager.  I used to manage one of the largest shops on the west coast.  That was a while ago, but I know bikes.  Just guided my daughter's boyfriend when he wanted to get into cycling.  I am now getting him into golf....
Indoor swings.  Hip slide/turn.  Head still, brush carpet.  Left elbow fold on follow through.
Indoor swings Hip slide/turn head still Brush carpet Feels very relaxed
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