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Golf lesson.  On video, making progress.  Still moving slightly down and in, but not as much.  Positions look good.  Good lag and impact position.  Putting from 15', good distance control.  It's a long process....
2 buckets at the driving range.  Hit a few shanks, but know that it is due to shifting forward.  When I concentrate on staying centered on my feet, no shanks.  Hit some nice draws and fades on command with 7i and 9i.  Getting more distance with those as well.  Due to a smoother release and increased club head speed.  Overall, pleased with the progress.
Warm up with the orange whip.  Then 40 minutes in the net.  7i, 4 hybrid and driver.  Nice tempo.  Pretty good contact.  In between, did some dry swings over the grass, no ball.  Worked on not shifting weight forward (towards ball).  On video, this is my main flaw.  My body weight falls to the balls of my feet and My head moves forward and down.  I either compensate or hit off the heel/shank.  Felt like my weight stayed centered today.
Orange whip for 5 minutes.  Half swings for 5 minutes.  Full swings for 5 minutes.  Good balance.  Soft arms, good follow through.  Tempo on all swings felt good.
Half swings, proper position on backswing and follow through.  Good grip pressure and soft arms.
Putting on the board.  Worked on keeping my the back of my left hand at the target, putterhead square.  Swings in the house.  Half swings, slow tempo.  Hip bump and rotation.
Short day today.  Watched my son's 2nd round tennis match for CIF.  Then he wanted to play, so 2 hours of tennis.  Still got in 5 minutes of putting on my putting board and 10 minutes of swing work in my house.
Putted for 10 minutes.  12' and 15' on the practice green at my instructor's studio.  Later, some swing work in my house.  Stay back and don't move forward on the balls of my feet during downswing.
Lesson today.  Back swing position good.  Lag good (in good position halfway down).  Still moving forward and a bit down, something I struggle with.  So my coach outlined some drills to work on.
Indoor chipping practice.  Aim point was my Shih Tzu's little dog bed.....lol!  Most went in, so good aim point.  Nice tempo.  Then some pitching using the float, soft arms.  A little work on the swing parts and a few full swings.
New Posts  All Forums: