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As an update. Ive tried out all the forementioned clubs but didn't feel the outlay worth the results. I think I'll be sticking with my trusted old bats for now. If i was to stump for a new set though, I hit a set of s55's with far more consistently than anything else. That I did not expect. Anyway, thanks all.
Thanks for the advice all. Pirate jim is more or less where I'm thinking. Im not that bothered about extra distance. Its acuracy and consistency im looking for. Im gonig to try oht some ap1s, speedblades and g25s this week and see where to go from there. I'm just a tad concerned switching from very forgiving cavity backs to what look like muscle-backs is going to destroy my game/confidence. A step too far??
Hi all. Am new here but am looking for some advice for a new set of irons. I play off 10 and for the last 6 years have been playing with a set of taylormade rac ht's with regular steel shafts. I have no complaints about the clubs because they are so easy to hit but wonder if a new set would move my game on a little. Can anyone tell me of the modern equivalent? I use a cleveland cg16 lob and gap wedge. My 4 iron carries 190-180. My 6 iron carries 170. My 8 iron 150. My...
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