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If the path is hard left, and you aren't putting the extension pieces in, then you are going to remain in flexion and chicken wing your arms all day long. Read some of the posts regarding raising your hips, straightening your legs, extending lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, and you should then be able to keep those arms straighter a lot easier.   Holding your head up higher is not a good thing either, work on your neck tilts at address, eyes down, ball in the centre...
 Not sure of the exact definition of "thrust jumping" but pro's by enlarge especially the bigger hitters are using the ground to push off and straighten their legs, raising their hips and extending their spine, the steady head IS maintained, as they do the "thrust jump" as they are moving their hips linearly, forward, extending, right tilting and turning, incrementally to keep their head steady. Thats why they dont rise up and lose their inclination to the ground.
Wow, I guess "hooking a bit" means something different to what I am used to. 20 Yards is quite a long way, imagine if all of a sudden you hit driver 20 yards further, you would be pretty happy. :)   I would stop wailing away and start doing some drills instead, half swings, just trying to punch it out there a little, slow time, trying to gain some awareness of your face/path relationship. Experiment a little and try and "FEEL" it. Try and hit some straight pushes, some...
Where did they start relative to the target line? 
Like I said, I can live with it. No problem here.
 No problem, your court , your rules. I'm can live with that.
Newsflash : You hit a draw with an open clubface.   Get the path further right than the face and you won't slice the golf ball. Period.   Depth of arms, and pivot as MV said, also think linear hips not rotary, linear hips can help keep the arm club unit (which is now deeper going back thanks to the tips from MV) from spinning out and over the incline plane making the path hard left across the ball.    Loot at footage of Knudson from DTL and look at his hand path on...
Put the pieces in place that will move the PATH further right than the FACE.......end of slice.
How about the fact that the centre of the blob being measured for club path is a lot further back with driver than with an iron, so the face is already a number of degrees headed left (unless the club is moving in a straight line). The number on the screen that represents club path is accurate, but not necessarily what the ball experiences. Would that account for some quirky ball flights from pretty solid looking numbers?
Be very wary of a related illness called Special Flower Syndrome. It's extremely prevalent nowadays too and often goes hand in hand with F*ckarounditis.   Special Flower Syndrome is where the subject feels for whatever reason that he is different from every other golfer on the planet with two arms, and two legs. He constantly asks for advice regarding his god awful pass at the ball, and when you offer him sound, experienced, logical advice his initial retort is always...
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