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@iacas yes I am...good catch!! I do everything left handed except golf
I hate to admit it, but this is me about 15 years ago at Singing Hills GC in San Diego, CA (now Sycaun Resort). I was golfing with my Uncle and Dad and something irked me on my backswing and I went nuts. For some reason my father was filming me at the time. I am not proud of this moment and have never lost my temper since. I did par the hole though LOL  
I'm on the fence about Faldo, I think he's gotten a little better in recent months...I didn't even think about Berman, but agreed, definitely annoying (he can stick his "back, back, back" up his a$$, a$$, a$$ LOL)
I was just curious if anyone had a "LEAST FAVORITE" golf commentator? I can't stand Johnny Miller. He's annoying as  , very negative, and it seems like every chance he gets, he talks about himself. I have a few others that are on my list that in some way irritate me and I will put these names in a poll (in no particular order). Let me know your thoughts!! Everyone have a safe & wonderful 4th of July, 2014!!!   -Jason
I think its absolutely ok to golf alone. In fact, I went out today and there was nobody playing on the course, and I played 18 alone. It was so peaceful and I could practice any shot I wanted!! Most holes I played 2 balls just to see how consistent I was hitting the ball.
San Diego Chargers-NFL LA Kings-NHL ...I'm not much of an NBA or MLB fan
Thanks for all the great welcomes!! Nice to be part of a friendly community
Thanks Tristan...I already joined the So Cal group and saw the post for August 9th. I was born in SD so I would love to come play, depending on my schedule of course. it's great that you all get together for an outing every few months!!
Hi everyone, I just joined TST this weekend after searching for some golf info and stumbling on to the site. I am really loving it!!! My name is Jason & I am from So Cal, north of LA.
Wow that's a great price for 2 dozen!! I agree the spin rate is really great (I've only tried the SR3's) around the green and also for my iron shots. I was stopping my 6 & 5 irons stiff, so the ball gave me lots of confidence, especially from 200 yds!!
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