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Stumbled across this thread looking for something else today...cool thread.    I came up with 67 courses across 5 states.  I am sure I am probably missing a few.  But I added a couple I think I played but I am not sure.       Oregon - 36, Montana - 16, Washington - 7, Arizona - 5, Nevada - 3.   I don't collect something from every course, once in awhile I get a cap or a shirt.  I am sure I have some score cards but I have started thinning those out.   I like the...
 Congrats on the 48!  I looked through your scores real quick and saw you had a few sub 50 rounds.  Looks like you are headed in the right direction. I keep seeing all these Game Golf rounds posted it is getting harder to resist.... 
I used to keep it in my bag on vibrate.  Now that I use GolfLogix it is in my pocket.  If time permits I may check messages, etc.  If I am playing alone and no one behind me I may take a call from time to time.
Thanks Mike.
I need to get off my tail and get a new video posted.     In the meantime I was wondering if there is a drill that would help me work on swinging out?  I really have to concentrate on swinging the club head out, if not, I tend to pull my irons and slice my driver.
Probably somewhere in between.  I used to be exclusively a picker.  But as I have taken more lessons the last few years my swing has changed and I hit more down on the ball. I don't generally take a big divot, more like I mow the grass down to the dirt.  
Never....     I have never owned a hybrid.  When I bought my 7 wood several years ago I was also testing hybrids, I just hit the 7 wood better and so that I what I purchased.  I may consider swapping my 4I for a hybrid, since I don't hit my 4I very consistently.
I voted 5+ but it is probably more like 4+.   I have had 6 drivers over 25+ years.  The first driver I had that I really liked I bought around 2003. It was a Kent Sports head, Alpha Reaction?, that Fiddlers Green in Eugene assembled for me.  About 6 years ago I decided I needed to catch up with the current technology.   I tested out a Ping G10 and really liked it but got cheap and bought a TaylorMade Burner instead, saved myself a whole $50.  I played with the Burner a...
5+   I am in the process of replacing my fairway woods now.  I have been using older Adams Tight Lies 3 and 5 woods, I am not even sure of the year, I bought them on Ebay.  Probably around a 2000 model?  I just replaced the 3 wood, I received a TaylorMade Rocketballz 3 wood for Christmas.  The 5 wood will be the next one I replace probably by next season. I also have and Adams 7 wood that I purchased around 2004 and I love it.  I doubt I will replace this club until it...
I voted 5+.     Right now I only buy a SW separate from from my iron set, which has a PW and AW included.  I don't use a LW.  My last SW I used about 8-10 years until the grooves started wearing out and I bought a new one about 3-4 years ago and it is holding up fine.  I am lucky to get 20 rounds in a year so my wedges last a while.
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