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30.8 down from 32.2.  Slowly bringing it down...
Thanks Mike and Bill for the feed back.  I'll get to work!
I've been Playing Golf for:​  Off and on for 28 years.  My current handicap index or average score is: Handicap Index 32.2 My typical ball flight is: Probably high, but my shots are very inconsistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Inconsistent ball striking.     Videos:     If the videos are not good enough I will try with a different camera.
 I agree with this.  My wife, who I can't get to play on a regular course,  will play on a pitch an putt from time to time. Start off with pitch and putt, then to a par 3 then on to a regular golf.   Do we have anyone that started out with Frisbee golf or foot golf and then move on to regular golf?
Played in my club tourney today.  We were supposed to play 18 Saturday and 18 today but because of heavy rain Saturday we played 36 today.  I shot two rounds of 101 and ended up finishing 2nd low net with a -10 over the two rounds.  The guy that beat me shot a -16 net...and I thought I was sand bagging.     My scores are starting to settle around the low 100s, I need to figure out what I need to do break that 100 barrier!
Since my index is about double of yours my blow up holes show up way too often.  I'll give you one of the many that I suffered last night.  I pushed my tee shot into the trees on the right side of the fairway.  My second shot I punched out back into the fairway which left me about 150 to the flag.  I topped the ball on my next shot and dumped it into the ditch that was 50 yds in front of me.  Dropped for my fourth stroke. Got under the ball with my gap wedge and the ball...
Getting awful quiet in here... I think I am talking to myself.     Anyhow I put in 18 tonight after work..it was a roller coaster ride.  I tried to play "smarter" but it didn't do me a lot of good when I muff the "safe" shot.  I had 3 pars and a birdie but those were offset by multiple blow up holes. I shot a 105, 51-54.   I feel a little guilty on one of my pars, they had white tees moved up to the next tee box on a par 3 which turned a 185 yard hole into a 115 yard...
There is another thread out there that goes kind of hand in hand with this one...there are some good tips in there. http://thesandtrap.com/t/71851/how-to-break-100
 Great job!
lol Candian.  I need to do that plus one other person would have to take a shoe off.  32.2 down from 33.1 last revision.  
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