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 Great job Gerald!  Congrats on the 98.
  @isukgolf I have been taking some lessons this summer and I do have some things I can practice.  The thing I really need to work on is getting my swing more inside out then outside in.  At my last lesson the things I was told to work on were keeping my lower body stable, keeping my arms in and swinging out. And no, I have not posted to the "My Swing" thread yet.  I think I will wait until after my last lesson this year.
Yesterday I learned the importance of practice...   Before yesterday I had not played or practiced since last Wednesday.  When I got to the course I found out I had just over an hour to play the front 9 because of Tuesday night women's league. So I rented a cart and did my version of speed golf. It was ugly. I finished the front in 55 minutes but with a 57.  The back 9 was more leisurely and I shot a 54.  I really struggled with my swing until about the last 3...
Though this is off topic from the thread I would have to disagree with your statement, at least as far as I am concerned.  I am shooting for a score it's just 20 strokes higher than the score you are shooting for.  
Played league last night and shot a 50.  I had one 8 and 3 6s on the night.  The rest of the holes were bogeys and 1 par.     On the 8 it was my classic 1st hole jitters, I topped my tee shot with my 5 wood, laid up in front of the ditch, then proceeded to top a 6i into the ditch, then my next shot went long and into the pond by the green.  Probably lucky I scored an 8! This seems to be a problem for me when playing a competitive round, I have trouble getting started on...
 I have only been on here a few days and I am a terrible golfer so I am probably not qualified to give you any advice other than I have been there(and if you look at my index you can see I am still there).  That is an empty feeling to stand over your ball and have no clue how you are going to make good contact. But the one thing that stuck out to me was your comment that you and your instructor were getting frustrated.  About three years ago I went through one of these...
Baby backs on the Traeger, fireworks, golf, maybe some fishing, and best of all painting the railings on the deck! :)   Happy 4th everyone!
 Awesome!  Getting that first birdie is great isn't it?  I still remember mine though it has been over 10 years ago.  
Thanks Spyder.
Thank you for all the welcomes.   I am always looking to improve but a lot of times it seems like 1 step forward 2 steps back process.   On another note, where do you create your signature?   I was looking in the profile settings and was unable to find it.  I am sure it staring me right in the face.  :)   Thanks!
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