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What he said!   
Yes, if I was to play the same 9 holes and get the same score...
I voted lower.  26 HCI by next year at this time.   Over this past year my swing has slowly improved, putting has improved and most definitely my decision making has improved.  If I can continue to improve my swing I don't see why I can't have an HCI in the mid 20's by this time next year.
Shot a 49 last night on the back 9 at my home course, 34.6/131 from the whites, which translates into a 12.4 diff over 9.  I plan on getting out for another 9 this week plus 36 over the weekend during my club tourney.   I hope to continue the downward trend!
Shot a 49 yesterday for my 1st sub 50 nine hole round out of the last 3.  And my first sub 50 round on the back 9 at my home course all year.  Happy with the score but left a bunch of strokes out there.  Three putted a couple holes, including the easiest hole.  Struggled with my ball striking but that is nothing new.  No penalty strokes and I tried to stay out of trouble.   I know we are not supposed to look at the score but as I walked up to the last tee box I saw I had...
 Sounds like a lost ball to me.  Just like OB, stroke and distance.
 Breaking 90 thread... http://thesandtrap.com/t/70872/bogey-golfers-only-hi-from-16-22-breaking-90-thread
 It is not wrong.  Your handicap index will continue to go down.  If you are consistently shooting those scores it will eventually level out.  If you continue to improve it will continue to drop.
Down .6.  30.9 -> 30.3.
 That is pretty cool! I will be down .6 since my last revision, down .2 from my 1st post in this thread.  Last couple of 9 hole rounds didn't help lower my HCI.
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