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Worked on keeping head still on back swing and starting down swing with lateral hip move.
 @krupa what is your Game Golf profile?
 Hey @oudrees welcome to the "Breaking Bad" support group.  The 1st step is admitting you have a problem...  Seriously though, have you made an entry in the Member Swings forum? http://thesandtrap.com/f/4180/member-swings  There are several people that are willing to help out with swing issues.  I have to admit I have not taken full advantage of it but I plan on utilizing it more in the future.
HCI is slightly better than when I put the clubs away in September '14 but is trending worse.  I don't feel I have golfed significantly better or worse than when I finished playing last season.
Wow....  I guess I need to read the rules again..  Of course reading them and understanding them are two different things.  
I was well on my way to a career round this weekend and then the wheels came off, all 4, all at once.    I shot a 44 on the front.  I was not striking the ball great but I stayed out of trouble and putted fairly well for me. No penalty strokes, no score worse than a double and a couple pars thrown in.   Starting with #10 my mild slice on my driver turned into a big banana slice, off into the trees it goes.  Tee up a second one, off into the trees it goes... third goes...
My HCI is trending up.   I played a round when I was in Washington over the weekend.  Over the first 9 I was on track to have a career round.  I shot a 44 which is one of my best 9 hole rounds ever. Then over the next 9 I just completely lost it...61, for a total of 105, 103(ESC).  My 28.1 differential drops off to be replaced with a 32 diff.  
Nice Corey!
I never noticed that drop down menu before.  Thanks @Missouri Swede !
It may not exist or I am just missing it but is there a link where I can see my awards in one spot, like lowest score, highest FIR, etc.  The only place I can find them is in the notes on my main Game Golf page.  
New Posts  All Forums: