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Up .2 to 30.3
Thanks for that info. I think I read 2 mins.
You guys are in trouble...I ripped an 829 yard 6I today playing some extreme golf.       Apparently the GPS had not quite dialed in yet when I started my round.  
Yeah it is pretty "busy".  I know I get tired of pulling the grass out of the slot of my RocketBallz 3 wood every time I hit a shot off the deck.
   Thanks for posting...  I couldn't remember if you entered practice rounds our not.  Last week I played 9 for the express purpose of practicing my driver after a lesson. It went poorly and I was not going to enter my round.  But then I thought to myself if it had went well I would have wanted to enter it... so I entered the crappy round.  And will enter every round going forward.
Played my first 18 hole round in quite a while.  Used my Game Golf unit for the first time.  It sure helps point out where I need to improve. (tee shots)   Shot a 106, 105 ESC.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/pecos24/round/409430
 Played with mine for the first time as well.  Missed a few tags and added extras as well.  It was easy enough to edit it after I got home.  I keep score on GolfLogix and if I had not have done that I would have had a tough time editing my round after I finished. One other thing is that I had a tag that would not work, the one on my 9 iron.  I am going to try it one more round and if it fails I guess I will have to use one of the extra tags.
Mine just arrived as well. Everything set up and charged.  Going to play 18 in the morning and try it out.
 These prices are interesting...  I flew Delta this spring to Vegas.  $25 each way, for my clubs, for a total of $50.
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