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 Nice Christian. I had plans on playing over the weekend but my son brought the flu home last week. I missed league last week and didn't feel much like playing over the weekend. I'll have to make up for it over the next couple weeks.  
Creeping down....  30.2 from 30.3.
Well I made it back to "normal" tonight at league.  Played from the blues on the easier 9 and shot a 51, 3 under my course handicap.   Still looking for those 40's  :)
 Bull Snake/Gopher Snake? http://www.ndow.org/Species/Reptiles/Great_Basin_Gopher_Snake/
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR driver!   Phil Mickelson -1 Dustin Johnson -1 Justin Rose -1
I don't generally go to this site unless I am referencing the rules or handicap sections.  Those don't seem any easier or harder to get to.   Looks like they are going pretty heavy on the example/instruction videos, which may be a good thing.
When my copy of LSW gets here and I learn how to map my shot zones I hope I will have these distances a little more dialed in.  I don't use my 4I or 5I very often so those distances are best guesses as well as my new 3 wood.  Everything else should be pretty close.     Driver - 215 ( driver distances really fluctuating this year... 200 - 240) 3W - 220? (new club in my bag this year and I have not hit it very consistent) 5W - 195-200 7W - 185-190 4I - 180-185  5I -...
Very cool!  Great job!   I am sorry you now have to move to the bogey golfers thread...  
 Nice job @9wood ! I am no golf pro, obviously, but you can turn your head to watch your ball, just don't lift your body up.  Your round sounds like my Wednesday round except you had a much better score!  Congrats on the 94 and the birdie!
Great pics, thanks for posting!
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