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Broke a 100 for the first time ever. Have been playing golf for 11 months. Shot a 98 on a legitmate/hard course. Why am I focusing on the flub shots I hit though? Golf is a pain in the ass.
Hi I hit perfect shots, is something wrong?
Hi All,      I played golf when I was a kid 12-16 or so and then didn't play for about 19 years until last August I started playing again and went right to a Pro. Ive been at it now for about 10.5 months. My score has gone from averaging about 122 to now its about 104. For the most part I hit my driver pretty consistently. Some have some late slicing action at the end but on a normal round, Ill hit about 90% of my drives sold with 1 flub mixed in. My iron play is...
I am 35. I played a lot when I was younger(16-20) but never really practiced or took it serious. I then didnt play golf for almost 15 years. I decided last fall to start up again and Im taking it serious this time. I immediately went to a Pro. Since September I have taken 7 lessons. Im willing to put in the time but my practice sessions suck.   My problem is for some reason, when I go the my teacher I step up and hit the ball solid almost every time. He only makes small...
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