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I have recently made great strides in my golfswing because of:   1.) About 10 lessons with a PGA pro   2.) Hitting balls almost everyday for a full year   3.) Doing a lot of trial an error     My current issue is my left leg. I feel like it caves in too much on my backswing which makes me lose my balance slightly which I think  causes some mishits from time to time(mostly strong pulls). However, this motion with my left leg feels natural and if I try to halt it...
Hey Jon,    I notice your handicap is "HIGH" so it is nice to find someone in the same position. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like a small thing but for me its a milestone. I use to get myself into a case of the shanks and could NOT get out of it. Meaning if I was doing well ont he range and then all of a sudden hit a shank I would be SCREWED for the rest of the bucket. My mind would quickly tell me Im screwed and I would be toast. This went on for 10-11 months. I...
No shot at doing that Ernest. I cant not hit a ball for a year. Im too far along. Ive been seeing a pro for a few months.   I currently shoot low 100s and best round to date 98 on a good course
To start to "groove" a good golfswing in your guys opinion? Ive been at it for a year and I finally feel like I am starting to make a little progress. When I got to the range and his a bucket of 50, my breakdown falls into something like this:   30 Solid Shots. Correct contact   10 OK. Not perfectly square but definitely playable   5-10 shanks. Usually the week push shot to the right variety off the hosel or very inside of the club.     The shanks discourage me...
i have been told my setup is very good. I have also been told my backswing is solid and i get a proper turn for most part. I think you are on to something. It is definitely in my downswing
there is ZERO in between with me. Either hitting solid shots or shanks. IT is just very weird.
but Saturday's lesson is a big one for me. I need to be able to practice better and not completely lose it after 3 days each lesson. I cant keep running back to him
i cant kill this instructor. Im hitting clean shots 15 mins into each lesson. I dont know what hes suppose to do to make it last after a few days. I really think maybe its not for me. Which sucks because I love it
not really anything materials wise to take home. we watch film during the lesson. I always just ask him what should I make sure Im doing. After last lesson he wanted me to remember to hinge my club up quicker, turn more, and make sure to turn completely through...
I dont understand how I can go from hitting so nicely to ground balls in 24 hours. Why does the good stuff go away so easily but the bad stuff stick? 
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