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i have been told my setup is very good. I have also been told my backswing is solid and i get a proper turn for most part. I think you are on to something. It is definitely in my downswing
there is ZERO in between with me. Either hitting solid shots or shanks. IT is just very weird.
but Saturday's lesson is a big one for me. I need to be able to practice better and not completely lose it after 3 days each lesson. I cant keep running back to him
i cant kill this instructor. Im hitting clean shots 15 mins into each lesson. I dont know what hes suppose to do to make it last after a few days. I really think maybe its not for me. Which sucks because I love it
not really anything materials wise to take home. we watch film during the lesson. I always just ask him what should I make sure Im doing. After last lesson he wanted me to remember to hinge my club up quicker, turn more, and make sure to turn completely through...
I dont understand how I can go from hitting so nicely to ground balls in 24 hours. Why does the good stuff go away so easily but the bad stuff stick? 
I hit balls everyday at the range. Im more then willing to put in the work. But practice isnt good when you cant hit the ball
I have a lesson this Saturday with one of the best Instructors in the Country. PGA instructor of the Year for 2013. It will be  3rd lesson. The first 2 have gone like this: 15 minutes he had making solid contact after reviewing film of about 10 swings I made for him. Apparently my swing wasn't terrible. The rest of the hour long lesson went well, I took it to the practice range and the next 2 days went good to. Then all of a sudden the 3rd day of practice I was God awful...
Broke a 100 for the first time ever. Have been playing golf for 11 months. Shot a 98 on a legitmate/hard course. Why am I focusing on the flub shots I hit though? Golf is a pain in the ass.
Hi I hit perfect shots, is something wrong?
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