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http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1042947-long-driving-range-in-san-francisco-area/   Here's how a forum looks when people are giving advice and feedback as opposed to insults.    Peace. 
Awesome, random insults from another "forum leader" when I'm just genially looking for advice. What kind of place is this honestly. Consider this thread closed from my part.   If people I risk hitting are like you guys I regret even asking in first place. 
Awesome! I'll that out, thanks :)
Thought I got banned there for a sec and posted with another acc, turns out it's alright. Here it goes again. @Lihu I suppose it's sort of a luxury problem to have. Nonetheless I enjoy practicing though and it'd be nice to find the best place to do it. @golfprogress Sure that sounds cool. I'm not too knowledgable about neither the swing or golf in general really but it sounds like fun. At the eagle club place then I take it?
@Spyder I absolutely love how your attitude towards this whole topic has gone from 'you're a dumb liar' to 'you're just hitting like that because of your driver', completely ignoring my actual request which was to get some advice on a driving range. Don't know how many posts you have now man but I see none of them which is targeted towards anything other than making me look stupid and having you save face.    Furthermore - absolutely everything you have said suggests...
Exactly, I think I'd probably have a shot at the course par if my worse shots stayed in the rough. However they tend to drift further of centre than that and that's what's causing problems ^^ 
I suppose it is a bit troll friendly to write on a forum like this. However it seems like a fairly stupid thing to lie about if you ask me. As I've pointed out before I'm not even that unique.    I feel this is getting very centralized around me though, but since you asked:   Regarding equipment I'm 6'4 so I've never hit a 44 inch driver. But I hit about the same distance with a 45 or 46 inch one. I tried out a few at golfsmiths fitting centre a while back and I hit...
Alright that's cool! Wish I could help you out, I dunno much about it though I'm afraid. I hear overspeed training is popular amongst the pros (basically you turn the club around and just swing the shaft). Other than that I suppose finding the best setup and getting as strong as possible without loosing flexibility is what everyone is striving for. I know nothing about your swing but most people can probably benefit from working on their release as well and getting more...
They're great I think! I gain like 10 yards from a regular top of the line driver from Callaway, Ping or something like that (on a simulator at least). It's also the only driver I've found that keeps the balls down. They're not very forgiving I suppose but at the end of the day you pay a price for bad shots whatever driver you're using.    I'm not quite sure... I want to stress though that there are people out there who hit much harder than I do. My swing speed is...
Haha xD glad you like it! Pushed it a little extra for the camera as I didn't want a retake. I hit one for 360 later on. That driver there is a Krank Formula 5 driver with 5 degrees of loft and a XXX stiff 48' Fujikura Firewire shaft. I've got a Krank Rage 6degree one with a X stiff shaft too but it's back in Sweden. I hit them both about as far but the Formula 5's got a much lower trajectory - figure it's because of the harder shaft. 
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