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Knowing how far I hit my clubs doesn't matter what club I use. It's the lie, the weather and course conditions that determine which club to use. If I hit my wedge 100 yards in good weather from the fairway then that's what I use from 100 yards. If I have a 25 mile wind in my face I might use an easy 8.
Ranger finders are still worthless. If you can't play golf without one I feel sorry for you.
The pros don't use all these gadgets. I doubt they would even if they could!!
There is no need to pace anything off. I know before I even walk up to the ball which club I am using.
oh yeah balls do not always travel the same distance with the same club and swing. It also depends on the weather and the condition of the course. Golf is not a science and should be played that way. The pros don't use all these gadgets. I doubt they would even if they could!!
I have played golf for over 20 years. I am not a pro or close toScratch but I do know one thing. It does not take a gadget to see figure how far it is to the flag. It's pretty obvious that if your drive is 200 yards on a 375 yard hole you still have 175 yards left.
Thanks! At least trolls can see how far the flag is without taking 10 minutes to check all your gadgets that only get you within 10 yards.
Oh yeah you were the guy taking 6 hours to play 18. Why don't you bring your 100' tape out the next time along with you range finder, gps??
I think range finders are for stupid golfers. If you can't look at the hole and check the yardage markers and figure out what club to hit then you definitely are handicapped.
New Posts  All Forums: