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Thanks for the advice. I actually did play a few rounds using my 3 wood off the tee box and I believe it helped me a little bit. I will go to a fitter when I get the opportunity, but would love any advice until then. I just want to keep getting better and having to take a few drops every game really hurts my score.
Honestly just looking for help. I have a lot of power, but that doesn't make me a professional golfer.
To be expected as I often get that response when talking with other people in person, until I get out and golf with them. However, I have no reason to create a lie behind a computer screen to impress people. I am just looking for help and would like to get the most accurate information possible. Just remember...it's all in the hips.
Let me go ahead and open a can of worms....I need help with choosing the right driver loft. I have been using a 9.5 loft TaylorMade R9 for 2 years. When I don't slice the ball, I average 330 yards of distance. I know that you can't expect to buy a new driver and your slice will vanish from your golf game. However, I have been working on my mechanics and my slice has improved quite a bit. I have gone from slicing the ball 60% of the time to 30%. I still have improvements to...
New Posts  All Forums: