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Thanks Boogie.  Still haven't videoed my swing from the side.  Went out and played 18 this morning and struggled overall, though I did hit some really good shots and actually had about 6 birdie putts (two inside of 10 feet).  I didn't make any birdies, so my putting definitely wasn't helping me this morning, but I also had 4 or 5 penalty shots (wet or out of bounds) caused by pulled shots even though I left my driver at home.  I should have had one of my buddies video a...
Thanks! I'll try to get a FO video or two later today and get them posted.
I went back out this morning and worked on shortening my backswing so that I would hopefully not get to that point where I lifted and reset my hands at the top of my backswing.  Seemed to work out pretty well when I got that sequence/rhythm correct.  Here are a pair of videos of the best swing/shot I made this morning (with a 7 iron this time).  Still coming over the top, but maybe not as badly.  Also looks like I could probably still stand to shorten my backswing.  What...
Thanks, let's try this again.  Here are the swings from my original post with the correct permissions.  Again, the first two videos are of a "good" shot for me with an 8 iron (the second at 1/4 speed).  The 3rd and 4th videos are of a poor shot (lost low and to the right).        
Ah, does that mean you can't watch them?
Hello all,   I've been playing golf for just short of 20 years.  Some years I only play 10 times.  Other years I'll double that.  My current handicap is just north of 20, but I want desparately to improve that number.  Although I've had 9-hole rounds of 40 and 41 before, I've never shot lower than 90 for 18 holes.  My typical ball flight is relatively straight and high, but I pull the ball pretty consistently and lately I've been all over the place with my driver (mostly...
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Henrik Stenson -12 Justin Rose -12 Matt Kuchar -12
New Posts  All Forums: