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My budget's pretty tight. $150 is already stretching so I know I can't do $200. When I found the Acuity set, they peaked my interest obviously due to the $95 price tag because they actually come out to $64-and-change with extra discounts added (25% Clearance and 10% Coupon). I'm certain that quality isn't the best but as a beginner (literally a beginner) I figured why not give them a shot but at the same time remembering and understanding the saying "you get what you pay...
7 clubs: Driver, 3FW, 23* Hybrid (which by the loft I'm guessing it's a 4H), 6/7 Iron, 8/9 Iron, PW and Putter.
So basically what you're saying is that I shouldn't even pay attention to the number at the bottom and just worry about the loft degree to distinguish my irons?   Thank you so much for the info, minitour.
That's what I was thinking..."why are they combined, why not just make regular ones". It's what is keeping me from going through with the purchase. Great price but I don't want to be using something that's VERY uncommon, or something I have no information about except what you just told me.
Hey guys, I'm new around here. I recently started going to the driving range and really enjoyed it. I went for my 30th birthday for the first time and I've been hooked since. I haven't played an actual round, just been going to the range trying to get my swing mechanics down and using the clubs they have at the clubhouse. I'm researching to invest in my own set of clubs. I'm on a budget and I fell upon an Acuity set at Dick's Sporting Goods, reviews seem decent but I...
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