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Haha alright, thanks for the help, I'm going to look in my area and see if I can find someone to help me out with sizing + lessons. I was also able to find a good deal on a set ping i20's, that I might take a look at as well. I hope you are right about not having to lengthen the clubs much, my arm's aren't too short but I do have pretty long legs with a 40" inseam. Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.
Alright thanks, but I'm not really sure what a comfortable fit truly is, lol. Being 7' tall I assume no matter what clubs I buy that I will need to get them lengthened anyways.
Hello, I am looking to start golfing again and am looking to piece together a set of used clubs. I have never really played golf before and have very little knowledge when it comes to the subject. When I was little I had a junior set of clubs and went to a few courses and played a few times with my dad and grandfather which was nearly 12 years ago. I have the urge to start golfing again and feel that I am done growing, so I will not have to worry about...
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