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Well, had my second lesson and did much better than the previous week, actually hit as many good shots as bad, so that's an improvement for me.  I purchased a set of Adams Speedline so this is the set I will be using to learn the game.   I'll keep you posted with my progress and equipment purchases.
I want to win a Calloway Big Bertha Driver   Ernie Els -13 Luke Donald -9 Lee Westwood -12
Took my first lesson today,1 hour and it went pretty well.  I decided to purchase some clubs so I would be using the same thing every time, ordered a set of Adam's Speedline, they seem like a good beginner to intermediate set. Now I just need to practice and get ready for my next lesson.
Hello everyone   I just joined TST and am looking forward to discussing my golf game as soon as I have one.  I am taking my first lesson tomorrow and I am really excited about getting into the game and learning a new sport I can share with my friends.   I haven't purchased a set of clubs, thought I would get a few lessons under my belt and some advice from my instructor before I spent any money.  So if you have any suggestions I would appreciate all comments and advice.
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