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Having some issues with my purchase from Global Golf. I ordered some amp cell irons and a Bio Cell (normal) Driver with a Red Tie shaft (custom option).   The order was in pending for like a week so I did a late night call to global and they said they fixed it and were shipping me a driver that was in stock.   I've checked the order this morning and it's shipped (yay) but the driver seems to say it's both a Bio Cell normal and Bio Cell + Driver, definitely want the...
I've got a Baffler Rail 3 wood and I found it easy to hit straight (compared to my other clubs) even as a straight up super beginner. If the hybrids are of similar quality they'll be great.
Just splurged on a set of Amp Cell irons and a Bio Cell driver at Global Golf.
 Thanks Mate, I've pulled the trigger on the amp cells. The $269 open box special at global golf with the 14% discount was too good to pass up. Grabbed a Bio Cell driver whilst I was at it too.
I went to a golf store today and tried some Cobra Baffler XL's (they didn't have AMP cells). I tried the the regular flex stock shafts and they were so heavy for me I couldn't find any real rhythm swinging them at all.   I really prefer lighter, more whippy shafts. Will the Dynalites in the AMP Cells be much better?
Hi all,   Had a quick question about Cobra Amp Cell irons and newer irons in general.   I've been playing golf for about 6 months and shoot around 100-110 on the average golf course in Brisbane, Australia.   When I started I grabbed some second hand Taylor Made irons from the trading post, they're R5XL plus's with regular 60gram graphite shafts.   I've quite taken to playing golf and have been thinking about getting some new irons.   However, there is quite a...
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