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Thanks again, just got them regripped and tried them at the range yesterday. They're great! Overall I like them more than what what I using and when I hit that sweet spot its pretty rewarding. I'm told these will help me grow and improve my swing.... This is exciting!
Awesome, thanks for the advice and the greetings. Assuming my fake Ping Eye2 set were in great condition too, would these be comparable clubs to the DCI? They're newer than the Pings, but people loved the Eye2.
Hey guys, brand new to this forum. I've found a local sale for a 3-PW set of Titleist DCI golds (original gold triangles, no number code) in great shape for $45. I'm not sure they're that forgiving or perimeter weighted, which may help me if they were, as I'm still a novice. They seem like a great deal that I can't say no to and they're a step up for sure from what I'm currently using. Currently swinging with a knockoff set of Ping eye2 irons that my uncle made, played...
New Posts  All Forums: