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My best shot- par 3 hole 15, 175 yards down hill, front pin. I hit a light 6 iron and it bounced in front of the green, kicked left and started rolling toward the hole. It disappeared for a second and then I saw it roll to the other side of the hole. When I got down there it was about 8 inches behind the hole. Most satisfying yet unsatisfying birdie ever
98- again. Wow I'm terrible!! But I finally killed my slice. Hit 7 fairways out of I think 14. And my misses weren't that bad. Somehow decided to chunk my irons, but I can feel my game coming together. Had some great up and downs from behind te bunkers
My opinion- if the players are so new and inexperienced in the game, they probablly aren't going to be playing at the highest of quality courses. They pay their money to play a simple round of fun golf, not to be pestered by tests and such
I have all the plans to stick with golf (I quit playing AAA Baseball to pursue golf) as for a personal flare and to add on the cotton golf shirt talk, I own about 10 polo shirts that are strictly made for golf( puma, slazenger, pebble beach brand) and at my golf club, 95% of the people id say wear non cotton golf shirts
I'm 15, in highschool, and I consider it cool. I'm on the jv golf team and a lot of kids think it's pretty cool. When i golf with my buddies that don't golf as much as me( I mean don't have handicaps and only play with friends every now and then) they think it's pretty cool all the shots I can hit and everything that comes with being a decent golfer
I feel like your overthinking this. I belong to a top club in my state and when I bring guests, as long as they are polite and not screwing up the course, there's no problem. Now it may be different since I am 15 and know the head pro very well, but I don think its a big deal
Thanks again for the replies. Just kinda a side note, I didn't just quit baseball and teach my self golf, I've been golfing for four years and decided that trying to accel at both sports was too much, and golf is something I wanted to pursue more. I've taken lessons in the past and my dad gives me pointers that help. The issue with my slice from what I've been told and seen on video is a combination if two things. Poor swing path ( coming back too far inside and coming...
Thank you all for the replies! Not gonna lie I've considered hitting a 4 iorn off the tee. To be honest it would be the smartest thing right now, but I not sure why I just feel uncomfortable doing so. Also, going up there with my friends and then me hitting an iorn is a little embarrassing! Dfreuter, thanks for the reply and encouragement! I truly love the game( I quit playing AAA baseball for golf) and I really care about golf. My club is closed due to renovation this...
I do try hitting my 3 wood or hybrid off the tee. Does the same thing as my driver. I'm taking lessons over starting in September so over the winter I will change my swing. Earlier this year. I could hit 80% fairways with each going about 270+. I took a week break in the end of July, came back and shot an 86(was somewhat happy) but then just started shooting about 90 every round. I played at a very nice country club with ny dad in Sunday, shot a 97! I couldn't believe it.
This is more if a rant than a complaint, but I'm just pissed off at golf right now. I'm 15, at a 12-2 handicap (slowly rising) but have just been playing crappy. This year my club is under renovation so I have no home course. I play at my friends course a lot tho, so I do get out a decent amount. I'd say at least twice a week, I golf at that course with them. I hit balls and chip for 2 hours, play 18 holes, then putt. But I play like garbage. About a month or two ago, u...
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