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I recently took a lesson that changed my swing path. I was printing the club crazy inside causing a big push/slice. Today, my swing thought was outside, which caused me to go straight back, but my problem now was my down swing. For some reason I was pulling the pall left. Any idea why? It was only with my driver also
On the 3rd hole, short par 4, I had too much draw in my drive and it was headed for on, but hit a big tree and went into the middle of the fairway. I killed the drive, and was 135 out, front pin. Hit a 9 iron that was a little right, but hit a huge mound and rolled up for a tap in birdie!
Hey, I recently mad a change in my grip. I took a lesson and found it was too strong making My face closed throughout the swing. Now my irons are much more consistant, but my driver is not. Before I had a push, but not a slice. Now my shots are half slice half push with my driver. I've been working on not swinging inside which I thought would help, but I don't know what else to work on to get my tee shots straight/draw again
Yeah, on my home course there's a little red fox that likes to chill out in the driving range bunkers!
Was out for a friendly round of 18 and saw this guy. He looked really scared and I felt bad just leaving him there, but what could I do?!
Hello, my name is Charlie. I'm 15 years old from Minnesota and this is my second year being a serious golfer. I play about 4 rounds of 18 a week, and lately have been struggling with things that were recently my strong points. To start off, I'll share my clubs. I have a RBZ driver, Rbz 3wood, burner hybrid, Cleveland irons (not sure what model, they are a bit older), vokey wedges, and a nike drone putter. At the moment I'm a 12 handicapper, however lately I've been...
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