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Thanks, I'm a decent ball striker .. I will try it a little further back, I may have got into a bad habit there ... I will also try the TM SLDR ... At the end of the day, I'm playing very solid 130 yards in, so maybe I can just rely on th consistency of the five iron to stay in play and score. Thanks for the responses
I have played with an Adams Idea a3 19 degree Hybrid for a few years now which has been my "go to" club in my bag. However, only recently I discovered that my Taylor Made SpeedBlade 5 iron goes just as far but is straighter and much more consistent. The 4 iron is obviously longer but also less consistent. I've been playing driver, 5 irons, wedge/short iron on the long holes. I sometimes use my Taylor made rocket ballz 3 wood off the fairway which travels much further...
I am playing in a junior / senior foresome comp this weekend. I play off 10 and my 9 year old son plays off 40. The pair we are playing play off 7 and 22. How many shots will we get?
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