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Should wedge shafts be the same as my regular irons. I use regular shafts in my irons but most of the wedges off the racks are stiff. I have a set of Cleveland 588 rtg wedges in 49, 54 and 60 but they are stiff shafts. I have thought that because they are so short it really doesn't matter that much but am I right?
Well guys, I do thank you for the help. Didn't mean to start an argument. Yes it was back in the 90 and early 2000's when I was getting the ev's an d I got them cause I was tired of balls feeling like hitting rocks. The ev's would just plain stop on the greens when I hit them right but I have never tried to make them back up. And they did. Not as much distance as I would have liked but enough I could live with them. I guess I just really need to buy a few sleeves and try...
Who makes balls that are like the old Precept EV Extra spin balls. I liked the soft feel they had.
I was looking at some TA 855 silver scot irons and saw they have different black or yellow badges on the head. What is that all about? I am using 845 silver scot irons now. Are they the same, as far as the badges I mean?
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