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Ok then, Jack's better, or maybe Tiger is. The truth is they were all good and there's no measurable way to know if any one was better than the other, short of using a time machine.   Any way it's golf, you can be king of the world on Thursday and blow darts on Sunday.   I'm done on this subject.
Fair enough. Hogan would kick both their asses.
Well, without Jack, there might not have been a Tiger, just like there might not have been a Jack without Hogan or Bobby Jones. So,  I'll go with Jack.
Hi.   I play golf about 8 -12 times a year, on the weekends.   I have some old persimmon drivers I bought off eBay, mostly because they looked so nice and delusions I had of restoring them (although I did restore one successfully).   Short answer: Yes, I play them, and I find them a lot easier to swing and a lot easier to make solid contact with. Also, I don't feel I loose more than a few yards, if any in distance, because they roll so well after landing. I'd say my...
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