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Got my boy his first set of clubs from US Kids Golf last year. Came with a fairway wood, 5i, 9i, and a putter. US Kids Golf sets are chosen by your child's height. I take him to the range with me quite often. When I take him with me on the course, it is only for 9 holes later in the afternoon when the course isn't so busy. He is 8 now and 9 holes is about all that can hold his attention. He usually doesn't play all 9...takes breaks here and there, but always loves...
Bought some of these and tried them out today. Very impressed. Long and straight....or maybe I was just playing well today. Anyone else using these balls?
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver. 1. Rory Mcilroy. -7 2. Harris English. -8 3. Bill Haas. -7
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