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Very nice. Can't complain about a 79. I would be interested in seeing the new swing videos.
I hear you. Find what works for you and stick with it.
I completely agree. I had flatten out my swing way to much. This caused me to hit my irons much less consistently. My start lines were a lot more to the right. Now that I have gotten my irons a little steeper it has forced me to shorten my swing as well. Since the steeper swing isn't as flexible. I still need to figured out how to incorporate this swing into my woods.
I think that's the toughest part about doing swing changes. When I start to feel like I'm getting it down. That's when I start to overswing.
If I can consistently hit 250 in the fairway. Can you do a video with that drill swing?
Have you ever had your irons checked to see where your making contact on the bottom of the club? Club fitters use impact tape on the bottom of the club and check to see if your striking the ground square. I have a flat swing and this really helped me.
Yeah I can see that now. Do you struggle with consistent distance?
It may have been more the angle of the camera and where it looks like your aimed is kind of an illusion.
The thing that jumps out to me is the the lack of quality of contact with the ball in your last video. I believe this is one of the reasons the ball goes so far left. Check out a video of hunter mahan. His swing is similar to yours that may give you a guide for improvement.
I feel like I'm so close to getting over that hump with my driver. When I have played well recently it's because of how I'm driving the ball. I average 260 off the tee. 90 percent of the time I hit a draw with my irons too. When the ball doesn't hook my drives can be really good. This is the frustrating part of my game. I think I could easily be a scratch golfer if it weren't for my driver. I still believe that most of my problems come from my set up. My grip seems to be...
New Posts  All Forums: