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I think you have to figure out now if your making as good of contact as you can now. Take a dry erase marker to the range or your home hitting mat. See where on the club face your striking the ball. You may be hitting the ball higher on the face which is causing a shorter shot.
That makes total sense since your trying to pick the ball clean out of the sand. Sounds like the answer may be to choke up on a 7 iron and hit it a little shorter with a full swing. Of course depending on the yardage you have.
I actually think I'm down on the ball a bit to much. I tend to have a lower launch and higher spin with my driver. 11' launch angle and 3200 spin. I'm gonna take a few of these tip to the range at lunch and see how it goes. When I learn how to post my swing I will definitely do that. Can anyone help?
Focus on your alignment and grip. Usually one of the 2 is causing the issue. Then take a couple of practice swings and try to hit the inside of the ball. Unless your hooding the club at impact you should hit a draw.
I do tend to set up slightly closed to my target line. Working on my set up though. Hit it great today . Hoping to follow it up tomorrow.
An iron swing needs to have a divot in front of it. Or you may as we'll be hitting off mats. Ignore him and don't change your swing for that fool.
I like the idea of a slower take away but holding the lag more gives me the high hands feeling. Then I hit the dreaded high right shot that goes no where.
I have been struggling with hitting the ball left on my drives. I like to hit a draw with my driver but lately I'm hitting more of a hook than a draw. My swing feels good. I'm getting a lot of power. Im just not hitting the ball like I want.    I know that I have an in to out swing path. Plus a somewhat closed club face but it may be more closed than I think. Does anyone have any ideas? 
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