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I agree, some people don't know what it means to someone to have a relationship with God - we others who dont' should leave these people alone and let them express it whatever they prefer to express it.   
cares more about his tractor than golf ROFL, you made my day, man 
Golf Channel has no coverage rights to Masters? What kind of golf channel is that? I don't get it. It's supposed to specialize in golf. I bought this channel to watch golf tournaments, and hoped to see the most prestigious. Of course, my anger is not addressed at you guys trying to explain the situation.   
Golf Channel is the same everywhere, except that some parts are not in English, but usually I can switch languages, and commercials are different, but otherwise what I see now is what you see on Golf Channel. I just don't understand TV coverage of Masters on Golf Channel. It should say something like 13 00 - 14 00 Masters 2015 Live. It doesn't. 
I am really frustrated. I was going to watch Masters tonight on my Golf Channel. According to the schedule they are supposed to broadcast Live from Masters right now. Instead they are showing 2014 Masters. I cannot find anywhere how to find out whether they are going to show Masters live, I mean 2015 or not. I don't know when I watch 2015 Masters on Golf Channel. Could you please help how to tell what is really live and what is not? I don't know why it is so unclear at the...
Great, thank you, I will. 
Everything different today. Can I post a new video in the same thread?      I went to the driving range and did my best to hit down. I hit "down???" about 40 balls, all balls the same way, the same feeling, dull bang into the mat, only wasn't sure I was hitting the mat behind or in front of the ball.... so I spot an  experienced golf teacher. I asked him to help me analyze what I was doing. I told him I had been hitting carbon copies of balls for 20 minutes, trying to...
I have practiced full swings with my teacher. After a few lessons he reached the conclusion that my mid iron full swing is OK only it is a bit too forceful. He never told me that I flip at the ball, didn\t tell me that I should take a  divot, only at the first lesson he made some big changes to a few things, like my stance, rotation of my core and shoulders, and  some othres and after a few lessons he just said now your swing is pretty good, only  it is still too forceful....
Sorry typing on smartphone... Meant All I want now is move...
Well reality my swing off real grass with an 8 iron. Distance about 90 m. Fat shots 10 %. Divot starts under ball continues in front 40%. Clean hits without divots 30 %. Thid is the real situation with my swing now. Mean full swing. All I eant now is move divots a bit further ahead.
New Posts  All Forums: