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Great, thank you, I will. 
Everything different today. Can I post a new video in the same thread?      I went to the driving range and did my best to hit down. I hit "down???" about 40 balls, all balls the same way, the same feeling, dull bang into the mat, only wasn't sure I was hitting the mat behind or in front of the ball.... so I spot an  experienced golf teacher. I asked him to help me analyze what I was doing. I told him I had been hitting carbon copies of balls for 20 minutes, trying to...
I have practiced full swings with my teacher. After a few lessons he reached the conclusion that my mid iron full swing is OK only it is a bit too forceful. He never told me that I flip at the ball, didn\t tell me that I should take a  divot, only at the first lesson he made some big changes to a few things, like my stance, rotation of my core and shoulders, and  some othres and after a few lessons he just said now your swing is pretty good, only  it is still too forceful....
Sorry typing on smartphone... Meant All I want now is move...
Well reality my swing off real grass with an 8 iron. Distance about 90 m. Fat shots 10 %. Divot starts under ball continues in front 40%. Clean hits without divots 30 %. Thid is the real situation with my swing now. Mean full swing. All I eant now is move divots a bit further ahead.
Thank you, iacas,  for your analysis, so you somehow found out the line of shaft and left arm at impact.  It is too blurred for me, but it you are right, that means the shaft is not correctly angled at impact and I am flipping. After watching this video I noticed one flaw and that is not moving forward with the core at all, I stay back. I will try to make sure I don't make this mistake again. Not sure how typical this recorded swing is for me, it could be worse than the...
I have just posted a video of my short swing that I am working on. It is pretty bad quality but as far as I know someobdy has suggested I post it no matter how low the video quality is. It is a kind of working in process where I am trying to have the shaft in the correct position at the impact and not flip at the ball, there should be descent to the blow. No idea if it is possible to see these things in my video, I ll  try to get a better camera.    
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 1 and half years My current handicap index or average score is: about HCP 54 My typical ball flight is: straight  The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: flipping at the ball       
Great, if a crappy video can reveal major mistakes, I can post it later. Thanks. 
My smartphone camera makes the crucial frame when I hit the ball too blurred. Maybe a sunny day will make the frames sharper, so far I have only tried the light at home.   
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