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So how is it possible to flip and still take a well placed divot? It doesn't make much sense, but I believe it is possible.  
The mats I have come across at driving ranges have thick, soft rubber basis, but the surface is nothing like grass, the're flat. So they are safe for the body, but feel absolutely different from what I feel when I make a divot in grass. Also, some people keep saying that high handicappers like myself flip but as for practice swings, I usually can make a divot, with a practice swing. With a ball, it is more difficult. I am now practicing doing drills every day to make the...
possibly a naive or stupid question - what is the absolutely ideal position of the clubface once it touches the ball - is it already touching the mat the ball is sitting on, or not yet? if not yet, how high is it above the mat? I reckon after hitting the ball, the clubhead will keep descending into the mat, but the mat will prevent it from digging into it, and instead it will slide on the matt   the thing is, as I suppose, on a fairway, the ball is not sitting on the...
So how does a tight lie work compared to a mat? Does a tight lie or hardpan tolerate fat shots like a mat?   
I am still not sure what to think about practicing irons using mats. People put the ball on the mat, without a tee and try to hit the mat after hitting the ball. A friend of mine who is a very good golfer told me that there is basically no difference between hitting off grass and mat, he says that if you hit the ball correctly, the mat has no effect on the quality of the hit and the swing. But isn't it like saying that hitting a ball that lies nice on fairway is the same...
Thank you for that response and the link, I'll have a look. 
I know, I started the thread being puzzled so it started as a question, then I - as I believe - solved the problem - and then I discussed the meaning of a gripped shaft for learning a swing which to most is completely irelevant -I can accept this - that people have different opinions.  I have a friend golfer, who is near scratch, and who I play with ocassionally,  I asked him the same question, sent him a video myself awkwardly trying to swing a gripped shaft with both...
So I hope we can agree that a gripped shaft is sometimes used for some drills. But most people will not agree with me that a gripped shaft can reveal a huge mistake if one is not able to swing one freely with their both hands. Peace and thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts on this issue.   
Plus this shows my point. This professional teacher has obviously absolutely no problem, unlike me, to swing a gripped shaft at full speed, full swing. Using both arms, it makes no differenc eto him.  To me, it means I was right when I said not being able to swing a gripped shaft with both hands without losing speed shows a big mistake in one's swing.     
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