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I was B-fit for Bridgestone e6 golf balls. Justin Rose -12 Jim furyk -12 Rory mcilroy -12
What's the best golf app. Want one with a one time fee. Don't want to have to pay an annual fee unless its cheap. Need one that works with both iPhone and android operating systems for my buddy since he refuses to swap to iOS. Would like to keep my stats on my phone while he keeps his stats on his phone that way one of us is not constantly on the phone punching in stats for both of us.
I've finally started hitting the ball where I want it to go ( for the most part) and now I want to start playing a 3 piece golf ball. Not ready to spend $45 on prov1's but want a good durable 3 piece ball. What's the best???
Played them yesterday and they played just fine!
Cool. I have been playing noodle long and soft and titleist dt solo but wanted to go cheaper if I could. Played yesterday and lost a few in the water but was on my last dt solo when I finished so I'm sure I'll get to try the Wilsons out next time.
I want to win a callaway big Bertha driver! Adam scott -9 Martin kaymer -9 Phil mickelson -9
I just bought these Wilson golf balls in the red mesh bag from Wal mart today. They were ten bucks for 2 dozen and they are a two piece ball. I go thru probably 6 or 7 balls in a round so I don't feel the need to buy expensive golf balls. However, I can't find any reviews on these balls. Has anyone out there tried them and if so what are your thoughts?
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