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Played them yesterday and they played just fine!
Cool. I have been playing noodle long and soft and titleist dt solo but wanted to go cheaper if I could. Played yesterday and lost a few in the water but was on my last dt solo when I finished so I'm sure I'll get to try the Wilsons out next time.
I want to win a callaway big Bertha driver! Adam scott -9 Martin kaymer -9 Phil mickelson -9
I just bought these Wilson golf balls in the red mesh bag from Wal mart today. They were ten bucks for 2 dozen and they are a two piece ball. I go thru probably 6 or 7 balls in a round so I don't feel the need to buy expensive golf balls. However, I can't find any reviews on these balls. Has anyone out there tried them and if so what are your thoughts?
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