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Could it be that MGS teaches a traditional swing in a format more easily handled by non-superstars of golf? Could it be that small changes are really important in a golf swing? Could it be you should "live and let live" and not attack different things without really understanding them? "All we are saying...is give peace a chance!"  Your gimpy buddy, Patrick
I don't believe that will be the case Carl!   But Tiger did pretty well with a very restricted backswingand a good shoulder turn today!  Actually, that's the whole point.  Kiran's MGS is about pre-setting the basic golfing positions- no big deal just different for people like me who are not Tiger or even you Carl, lol! Kind regards,  Patrick
Well, Matt if you have any insights to share or think I'm messing up somehow let me know-I was a little dizzy on the greens today after the front 9-it has been a few weeks since touching the sticks still I missed real birdie chances on 1,2, (made 4), 7. 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 real = within 30 feet of the pin. Kind regards, Patrick
Nah, he is retired Navy and a helluv of nice guy-77 with a bad ticker  so we honor him for his service!
 Acer, I have finished my first round on a par 71 less than 3 weeks after total knee replacement. Despite putting poorly I shot 39/42 on a par 71-my knee is a balloon and icing it now. Today, I simply pulled the club head past the ball and this was witnessed by Dr. Neil N, Commander D. Mann and Mrs Marybeth K. All 3 commented on my effortless distance.  Some here will blame Kiran for my plus 80 score no doubt ignoring the 10 birdie putts/chips I missed while only making 1....
I'm not sure of the question here nor of your objectivity. You guys do not like Kiran. I get it. You do not like anyone who follows her-check. You cannot have any opinion that disagrees with yours-check. So let me just reply with "asked and answered."  Good luck with your marketing of Pure Strike-seriously.
So it's not a shock the MGS system works since it's designed around better impact from inside but the films look tacky and there's not a lot of data that would help us work with students? I agree. My distance improved by 10% across the bag and even in a post-surgery haze, I was flying the ball 235-245 with driver, but I get your point because I like flashy, tied together presentations. Kiran's MGS is original research without the funding and polish of an effective program...
But in case you feel nervous about trying it, look at some true beginning golfers and you'll feel better about your own skills!   This is meant as humor! 
No worries, good luck!
Sometimes that stuff happens but we are on the straight and narrow now and just talking about the good and bad parts of the MGS swing, The Pre-Set Kinwar uses lowers the right side and head below the left and pre-turns the shoulders. You can see it here:  Good luck in trying it!
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