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This is exactly how I cured my slice. I was a chronic "rare back and hit it hard as possible buy". I started using this method and used a lighter grip along with a slower swing. All this combined together allowed me to stop coming over the top, have a slightly inside out swing, and make better contact nearly all time. VOILA!!!...., the slice was gone, my drives went exceptionally longer and straighter, and I basically eliminated the the right side of the fairway. Happy -...
The group I play with all the time are all "hard-core" by the rules guys. We just play for fun but we call it the "JUNK TOUR", everyone is honest and we all go by the rules to the best of our knowledge and ability. What would this great game be without the rules....., just another game.    However, the other day one of our regular guys brought along his brother-in-law and we caught him moving his ball from an impossible lie, mysteriously finding his ball in bounds with...
Shot a 60 on Saturday evening  at Putt & Play putt putt golf course in Columbus Ohio........., well....., it is the only 60 I will ever get so I thought I would share. lol   God Bless!!! Ray
Looking to trade for a Cleveland Niblick in 42, 47, or 56 degrees. I have several clubs to trade for including a Taylormade R9 SuperTri TP, Taylormade R7, Nickent 7DX 5 & 3 fairway woods.   Let me know if you have one.   God Bless!!! Ray
For Trade: I have a Taylormade R9 SuperTri 11.5 degree loft driver with a Diamani TP Stiff Shaft. This driver is not in perfect condition as the pictures show, but it is not beat to death either. Very good driver with a good shaft.    For Trade: I have another driver, a Taylormade R7 Quad with the stock Taylormade shaft in a Regular flex. This driver is not in perfect condition either but is still not beaten up either.    Both drivers are in good playable condition,...
Agreed...., H. Upmann makes some very good sticks...., a bit on the pricey side but just like anything else, you get what you pay for. God Bless!!! Ray
Nice!!!   God Bless!!! Ray
I find all the "strange" mannerisms that Keegan has to be interesting and kind of entertaining, He seems like a great guy too me in all the interviews and by all the statements made about him from other players, they all seem to like him. His pre-shot ritual was a lot longer and he kinda tightened it up a bit from what he was a couple of years ago. I've had OCD tendencies all my life, some really don't make sense to other people but in fairness some of the things we all do...
I really like the Bridgestone B330's, but I would have to say that I like all of the "higher" quality balls and even some of the cheaper balls like the Wislon DUO...., which is a really good ball in my opinion. God Bless!!! Ray
I wholeheartedly agree!!! I "volunteer" one day a week as a ranger at a local course in exchange for free golf, (all I can play), and the policy is politely but strictly enforced to not allow slow players to hold up other golfers. They will be asked to pick up the pace or let others play through to keep things moving at a decent pace.  God Bless!!! Ray
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