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Golf has been the best medicine I could ever hope for. I've had 3 back surgeries due to a tethered spinal cord and spinal tumor, and golf has me moving. The first several times I thought I would never be able to do it because I could barely walk and the pain I was in after a few holes wouldn't allow me to continue. I kept on trying and noticed my mobility was getting a little better all the time.    Now if I could do something with these bum knees...., lol   God...
Thank you very much Mr. Licious  God Bless!!! Ray
Thanks divot dave, I am fortunate to have a 2nd home right next to the course and I play there for free all that I want, so I get all the practice I can stand. Everyone tells me I picked the game up very quickly, but for me it doesn't feel like it. I've played competitive sports all my life and never thought it was too big of a challenge but golf has humbled me in every way imaginable. I feel like I should be doing way better than I am especially considering all the time...
I made a good drive on the Par 5 and was about 210-215 from the pin, hit a good 5 wood and seen the ball land on the green but thought it had ran through, when we got to the green one of my playing partners was fixing my divot and I was looking for the ball off the back because I didn't see it on the green. He said your not going to believe this but your ball is in the hole. If I didn't have on cleats I would have attempted to moonwalk around the green. lol God Bless!!! Ray
This is so funny but hard to believe at the same time. The physical tools that he was born with, you would think he would demolish a ball. Hmmmm......., go figure   God Bless!!! Ray
Tiger Bubba Keegan Myself
One local course I went to the other day actually had little signs in every cart that you can hold up that has this very statement on them. "While We Are Young". lol   God Bless!!! Ray
This: Lunatic Fringe  
I had never hit all the fairways either until then..., will probably never happen again...., lol The Ping Craz-E putter is several years old but I got it from a the Course Manager that had it for several years. He told me it was a freebie from a vendor and that he had never used it. I actually really like the thing....., for now...... God Bless!!! Ray
Looks nice, I have tripped planned there for the 8th of August and I am very much looking forward to playing there. God Bless!!! Ray
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