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I dont really understand the rules here I guess...I thought this was instruction and tips section...does that mean only to give instruction and tips and not ask for them?...asking that as a genuine question not trying to be a smartass...just was looking for tips about why im slicing
Maybe forearm to club shaft angle too straight there?
Wow...yeah sure does look wide open in that picture
This drive went dead straight.. And this one sliced pretty bad... Can anyone tell me why?
I'm pretty happy anytime the ball lands in the fairway with the driver.  I'd imagine the average fairway would be about 40 yards wide?  So, if I'm aimed down the middle and the ball ends up 20 yards left then that's still on the edge of the fairway so that's why i said hooking a bit.  I'm not sure with what the exact definitions of golf terms are but I think of a hook as a real bad shot that ends up well off the fairway. Advice sounds pretty good though.
  They started out straight and probably would have ended up 20 yards left of the target line
I went to the range today and just focused on getting deeper hands...hit 30 balls with the driver...started out still slicing...middle of the bucket was hitting them dead straight...by the end of the bucket I was actually starting to hook the ball (although not very drastic)...hit a couple irons afterward and they were hooking a bit too...i imagine this might be fairly expected considering the adjustment was just being made?
So it seems like this is more of a timing of the wrists issue? At least for my situation?...I'm assuming my swing path is not really a problem...here is the dilemma I seem to face...I know that in order to get the right swing path I have to kind of feel my arms drops down (into the slot as they say) and this feeling is kind of counter-intuitive to releasing earlier (at least for me)...as in I feel like if im rolling my wrists over earlier then im not dropping into the slot...
Should be fixed now
Thanks, good Idea.  Posted videos on the my swing thread.  Link is below....   http://thesandtrap.com/t/75677/my-swing-vikinghammer
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