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I'd bet that my very first round (at the age of 11) was probably around 140-150 and I've shot 79 a couple of times recently. But my best and worst round were when I played St Andrews Old Course a couple of years ago.  I've never enjoyed playing golf as much as I did that day but I couldn't have played worse (shot 100).
If there is no hazard, I will go for it every time (as I would expect everyone does).  If there is a lateral hazard, I won't hit anything stronger than a 3-iron/hybrid as my shot dispersion gets too big on anything stronger.  I won't attempt anything longer than a 160-yard forced carry unless the green is deep with no real danger if I go long.  In those cases I tend to overclub and play it safe(r)--if I hit it close, it's because I mishit it.
Instead of dropping $80 on a set of clubs that may or may not get much use, try looking at craigslist.  I got my 3-year old a set of clubs (Driver, 9-iron, putter) for $20.  When he outgrows them in a couple years, I'm pretty sure I'll sell them and find a replacement set for the same price.  How good do the clubs actually have to be at that age?  As long as the kid is strong enough to swing it and hit the ball, you can't go wrong.
I spent a few years agonizing over spending so much money on sunglasses specifically for golf (I'm a tightwad).  I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be more pleased.  The G30 iridium lenses may not be the most masculine in color, but they are very effective.  They do make the world appear boring/monochrome blue-grey when you take them off which is slightly concerning...
I have been hitting all of my clubs near the heel for as long as I can remember.  It's only been maybe 1/2" off from center, but it has been consistent.  Even when I set up with the ball near the toe, I found a way to reach out and hit the ball nearer to the heel.  I did a lot of reading and saw someone mention that they found the problem to be that they had relaxed their right/trailing arm too much at address and it was slightly bent.  Of course during the swing, the arm...
Why the hell does anyone care about this?  I don't care if he told the truth or lied about his flippin' tooth. It's a tooth for Christ's sake!  Even if he didn't have his tooth knocked out by a camera man, who cares?  Is there any realistic scenario that he could have lost that tooth that would seriously offend you?  I'm pretty sure there are no penalty strokes assessed for tooth loss.
I would follow suit and post my club comparisons, but it appears that I am the typical golfer.  Those percentages pretty much match my clubs exactly.  And fairway bunkers are always exactly the right distance to be in play for me.
Nope.  If I wanted to play the game with non-conforming equipment, why not take it a step further and shoot the ball from a gun? or a cannon? putt with a pool cue? 
I wait for beautiful days like today and visit @WUTiger's digs.  Couldn't get over how warm it got but the ground remained frozen until the last few holes.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Randal/round/175139
Russ, I'll weigh in again as the guy who has lived in the UK, but has an American bias.  The answer to your question is "yes"--but it's not about the equipment.  I've known a few golfers who can and routinely do beat my ass with clubs worth <$200.  There are some places where the green fees can be cost prohibitive towards growing the game.  I found that to be the case especially when I lived in England.  Even junky 9-hole courses will charge 25GBP/$40 to play a round. ...
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