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I have to admit that I am lousy about replacing/sanding divots.  Most of my years of golf were spent as a flipper where I didn't take divots on good shots so I only associated divots with fat shots.  I haven't yet learned to recognize that I take a divot on most iron shots now and often fail to address them.  I do try to fix at least two ball marks on every green I play so hopefully golf karma will give me a little break on the divots.   I do find it amazing how golf...
URL: http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Randal   Username: Randal
Got my Game Golf on Thursday and managed to play two rounds since.  I rushed through the editing part too much and didn't realize until I looked later how much editing you have to do to make it accurate.  Both of these rounds are good examples of somehow scoring much better than I played.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Randal/round/151855   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Randal/round/151441
Thank you for the head's up.  $119 was too good a deal to pass on again.
I'm pretty sure that the only reason why they say the high side is the where the "Pros" miss is because they are more likely to read the putt correctly and putt along the arc instead of at the apex which will leave you on the low side.  But I'm pretty sure that they are always attempting to putt it directly into the center of the cup--that's how you get the lowest scores.
For me, it happened 30 years after I started playing golf, but only 4 years after becoming a golfer.  For the first 26 years, I never played more than a dozen rounds per year, for the next 4 averaged more like 50 rounds each year.  I took a few lessons at the start of the year that cured me of flipping and it took about 15 rounds to break 80 from that point.  It took 6 more rounds to do it again.
I have to admit to offering unsolicited advice on the practice range in the past.  But I only do it if I think someone is going to hurt themselves or someone else without the intervention.   Being readily recognized by the staff at multiple golf courses might be considered an "unconventional golf milestone".  As I have moved around quite a bit over the past 24 years and I like to play a variety of courses,  I always find it shocking how quickly I become a "regular" at...
 The only place I've ever seen that was The Old Course at St Andrews where you were not allowed to use a push/pull cart until the afternoon.  You also were not allowed to ride in a cart unless you had a medical condition requiring its use.  Those rules are in place to encourage caddie use/create revenue.  I wasn't prepared for that (no push cart) and my unfortunate caddie took a physical beating carrying my obese bag around.  He was a pretty good sport about it  until...
I put these bad boys on my push cart and never have any worries about cold hands   .      
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