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Worse.  It's down 5 strokes from last year, but I don't feel I am any better than I was.  I'm sure I'll come back to reality at some point.
I fought the flip for a long, long time.  All the mechanical stuff I worried about never really helped.  I reduced my backswing a bit and that helped, but a simple swing thought worked wonders.  The problem was that I was too preoccupied on hitting the ball where it is positioned and that's part of what leads you to release right there.  Instead, I thought about throwing the club head at the target.  If you actually throw your club at the target, your release will be right...
I con myself in a few ways:   - While I know how to play smart, I rarely do. I talk about course management with my playing partners and often provide solid advice--I just don't use the same line of thinking for myself.   - I am not a good student.  I receive brilliant instruction and don't do my part to make the changes that I paid good money to learn.   - I am not actually as lousy at golf as I believe I am.  I think I still believe that I'm just on a hot streak...
How tall are you?
If you find your answer, bottle it and sell it--you'll make millions. What I do on the range rarely follows me to the course.
I truly hate this trend.  Not only is it frustrating for the golfer who hits into that stuff, it can slow the pace of play dramatically for all.  The benefit to the course is saving money on gas, wages, water and upkeep of the mowers--without a huge turnaround in the state of the game, I don't see it going away anytime soon.
Although I prefer a 3-hr pace, we usually take just over 3 1/2 hrs.  If I spend more than 4 hrs out there, my game suffers.
They still make them, but now they are called the Project "a".  They were my ball of choice until about six months ago. Now I'd say the best bang for you buck has got to be the Snell "My Tour" ball.
Agreed.  This is one of the most bizarre stories I've ever heard.  Who the hell takes practice putts before they've finished the hole?
8.5 to 7.9, down from 11.0 at the start of the year. Keep expecting it all to fall apart but am quietly optimistic that it might still get better.
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