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1. overswing 2. using big muscles to control the club instead of swinging freely
I would think EA Sports is well enough established that they no longer need a front man for their golf game.  I'm pretty sure they could have saved their money and just called it "PGA Tour 2015"
Over the years, as I make improvements to my swing, I need less and less warm-up before teeing off.  Years ago I used to spend 30 minutes stretching and swinging clubs like a madman in order to get loose enough to even make contact with the ball on my first swing.  As my swing has improved, it also has become simplified and requires far less athleticism.  These days I spend about 10 minutes on the putting green to get a feel for the speed for the day, take maybe six swings...
Have you checked to see if they have your home course in their database?  It's hard to believe there are many they don't have.  You can just ask them to add it and they will add it very quickly.
My 4-iron is far too useful for escaping from jail (trees) and slicing/hooking a punch under the branches.  I just don't find that I can pull it off as well with a hybrid.
74 (par 71/course rating 69.8/slope 120) I just blew away my lifetime best of 79 by 5 strokes. While my putting was lights out (28 putts), it really came down to course management and a better understanding of my own abilities. 
I just had the round of my life and blew my previous best away by 5 strokes--I have to give credit where it is due.  Thank you @iacas and @mvmac for this book!  It took reading it a couple of times (and maybe a month of weather-induced hiatus) for me to come to grips with the message, but I now have a completely different understanding of how to manage the course with my own abilities/limitations.
I'd bet that my very first round (at the age of 11) was probably around 140-150 and I've shot 79 a couple of times recently. But my best and worst round were when I played St Andrews Old Course a couple of years ago.  I've never enjoyed playing golf as much as I did that day but I couldn't have played worse (shot 100).
If there is no hazard, I will go for it every time (as I would expect everyone does).  If there is a lateral hazard, I won't hit anything stronger than a 3-iron/hybrid as my shot dispersion gets too big on anything stronger.  I won't attempt anything longer than a 160-yard forced carry unless the green is deep with no real danger if I go long.  In those cases I tend to overclub and play it safe(r)--if I hit it close, it's because I mishit it.
Instead of dropping $80 on a set of clubs that may or may not get much use, try looking at craigslist.  I got my 3-year old a set of clubs (Driver, 9-iron, putter) for $20.  When he outgrows them in a couple years, I'm pretty sure I'll sell them and find a replacement set for the same price.  How good do the clubs actually have to be at that age?  As long as the kid is strong enough to swing it and hit the ball, you can't go wrong.
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