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I'm working on enjoying the game for what it is.  A few weeks ago I broke 80 for the first time and the relief of finally conquering that beast has given me the chance to sit back and re-evaluate what I want out of the game.  I could set a new goal of getting my handicap down into single digits, but I really don't want to continue pressing so hard.  I remember when my handicap was 18-20 and I really enjoyed just playing golf.  I didn't have any expectations and just...
As much as I am extremely tempted to order one right now, I can't help but think if I wait another year it will get better and cheaper.  Just like everything else I buy for golf, I'm probably going to play the patience game and pick it up after it is "cutting edge technology".   I do have to say that I really enjoying seeing you guys posting links to your rounds so we can all see what you get for your money.
Kitchen passes should never be wasted.  If I have the chance to play, I'm going to take it no matter how bad of a funk I'm in.   When things are going bad for me, I usually try to find a single thing about my game to focus on.  I'll go get a lesson which will both depress me and give me hope for the future.  Usually I will then have 1-3 things to work on and will no longer be overly concerned with my performance--instead I'll be concentrating on solidifying the changes.
If there is string (or equivalent) involved, then yes, I do always assume the winners cheat.  I think that once you create rules that provide a method to cheat, people start to feel free to cheat a little more.  And then it begins to snowball when people start to suspect other teams are cheating which makes them feel justified to cheat a little more.    I played in scramble today and was insulted by the results.  Instead of using string, you were allowed to use a 5-inch...
41+38=79.  Finally got past that hurdle!  I only hit two fairways.  Just think what could have been...
While I've posted a few times already, I figure it's time to identify myself (or just my golfing story):   I've played golf since I was 13.  I became a golfer at 38.   I grew up in northern Illinois and started playing golf at the age of 13.  I played quite often back then with my older brother (my #1 unspoken opponent) with a self-taught swing that would haunt me for decades.  We played quite often for the first couple of years before we moved to Georgia.  At the time...
This used to be my #1 nemesis.  I tried lots of things but this video is the one that helped me the most.      
I just learned today that my favorite course (Eagleglen) from my time in Anchorage, AK has closed this year.  That course did an amazing job of connecting you with the raw, unbridled power of nature.  Tragic.
Statistically, this doesn't actually tell a good story for the performance.  They are used by 86% of the field, yet they only win 81% of the time--the winning percentage should be higher than the usage.
I have to admit that I found the effect to be unusual.  I've played in lots of different environments over the years and never once thought today's condition should have any effect--which is why I found it so difficult to make an adjustments.  But everyone in my group said they had to make similar adjustments so I accepted that the effect was real.
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