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I wait for beautiful days like today and visit @WUTiger's digs.  Couldn't get over how warm it got but the ground remained frozen until the last few holes.   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Randal/round/175139
Russ, I'll weigh in again as the guy who has lived in the UK, but has an American bias.  The answer to your question is "yes"--but it's not about the equipment.  I've known a few golfers who can and routinely do beat my ass with clubs worth <$200.  There are some places where the green fees can be cost prohibitive towards growing the game.  I found that to be the case especially when I lived in England.  Even junky 9-hole courses will charge 25GBP/$40 to play a round. ...
As an American who spent 7 years playing golf in the UK, I will take a crack at this.  Due to the ground and the fast fairway grass conditions in the UK, it can be much easier to play the bump and run than try to land you pitch in exactly the right place on a rolling, undulating green (i.e. somewhere relatively flat).  The fairways are so hard and fast that while the ball is still bouncing, it will run out like a firm green and can be an easier read.  The greens are just...
I saw Fishbone in Athens, Georgia in 1989.  I had never heard of them before that day but was absolutely blown away.  The  That's when I learned that there are bands who belong in the studio and those who belong on stage.
You and me both.  My favorite all-time band and I never got to see them play live.
 Yes they could.  But today that same club would be called a 3-iron. John Daly hit a 1-iron from 278 yards on #17 at Baltusrol in 1993.
Got it.  I'll stick to playing him in competition only.
This is my mother.  While I really appreciate that she introduced me to golf as a child, I cannot stand to golf with her anymore.  I'm convinced that every time she plays, she is only trying to beat her personal best for the fastest round.  It's very unsettling to play with someone who doesn't even have the patience to pull the pin before putting.
I have to admit that I am lousy about replacing/sanding divots.  Most of my years of golf were spent as a flipper where I didn't take divots on good shots so I only associated divots with fat shots.  I haven't yet learned to recognize that I take a divot on most iron shots now and often fail to address them.  I do try to fix at least two ball marks on every green I play so hopefully golf karma will give me a little break on the divots.   I do find it amazing how golf...
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