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I'm finally hitting the ball consistently enough that I felt comfortable renting a Trackman for an hour to get some stats on my clubs. $45 for the hour and then the teaching pro there went through a few things with me for 10m. Pretty awesome experience, I highly recommend it!   I'm curious what everyone else thinks if you're interested in commenting. Here was his feedback:   1. Driver is pretty good, 8.5/10. If I could zero out my attack angle, probably gain 20y off...
This is much better than those cheesy "My sister makes $100/hr working from home" SPAM comments typically seen on-line.
I was off work last week and got completely addicted to the women's tournament, but never watched a LPGA event in my life! I was up past 1a watching Baylor win their semifinal, and then the final was incredible as well. Match play is so much fun and the college golfers make just enough mistakes to keep things really interesting.
And his irons aren't numbered, they just have the lofts printed on them. That seems like a good idea to me, make it easier to compare clubs and prevent manufacturers from gaming distances.   I'm not sure on the lengths though, I assume there's a valid reason that loft and length move in opposite directions for a standard set of clubs but then it also makes sense that hitting the same length club would improve consistency then loft would change the distance on each club.
I think you're a dying breed, but I could never hit a driver straight until roughly a month ago :)   I had an old Burner from 2000 for the longest time, could never hit it straight. Could never hit my driver in HS in the early 90s straight either, and it was just a bit larger than my current 18* 5W. I bought a cheap Covert 2.0 off EBay last Summer and I'm finally hitting it straight after a year of practice. I can feel when I hit it off the toe, but it still goes...
Has anyone gotten a Dick's/GG golf mailer recently? I got a couple in March/April, Clay was in both modeling Nike and UA polos.
The fans paid their money, as long as they're not completely out of control or belligerent (on the course, screaming during the swing or hurling insults), I think the pros should deal with it.   I like Spieth, but holy cow how lame is it that he can't focus enough to overcome a camera click? How much do these guys need to be coddled, this isn't a bridge tournament at the local VFW!   I've never understood that attitude from the pros, you're playing in front of...
 I've been thinking more about this recently and I'm starting to come around to this way of thinking. I'm kind of an impatient person, so my tendency is to rush but I have started to realize that constantly feeling rushed sucks the fun out of the game. You can't even enjoy a shot because you're hauling ass to hit the next shot. At the same time, I find it incredibly annoying to watch a group hit shots from one side of the fairway to the other and take 15m to finish a...
4I at the right edge of the house, SW to the center of the green.
I once played with a guy that brought a boombox on his cart and blasted music the entire round, that was really annoying.   I'm "rangefinder guy" with my phone GPS, sometimes wonder if that annoys people.
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