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Has anyone used the "mini" drivers from Taylor Made, that seem to be the "best of both worlds" which someone mentioned earlier in this thread? The're higher lofted with a 43.5" shaft, but have a bigger head than a typical 3W.   I saw something for the new AeroBurner Mini, but then it mentioned they did a "mini" for the SLDR too. Might be a good middle ground, but I've never hit one.
~12 / 0-3
I take that to mean thinking too much about the mechanics of the swing and placement of the club during the actual swing. I found myself in that situation for a while last fall, and it wrecked my swing for a period of time. I watched and read a bunch of stuff on the different "positions" within the swing and where the shaft/head should be in each, then started thinking about where my club was at each position during my swing. It was a mess, I completely lost control of my...
I love this thread, thanks for sharing details and I hope you keep posting your tournament rounds! I saw there's a GolfWeek circuit here in Ohio that starts in 2 weeks, I might try a few events this summer! Obviously they let you use GameGolf on the course, are you allowed to use GPS as well?
Help me out here, I've visited every page on the site and can't figure out how to enter details from a round of golf? How do I enter my scores?
I used GN a half dozen times last year, but the first time I would play a course from a GN booking that course would go all-out to make sure I knew about their website and the ability to book tee times from there without the service charge. And the prices on the course's website were always the same or better than what GN listed.
I used Golfshot last year for the first time ever, found it reliable and easy to use on the course. Stats work great but their website is pretty lame, at least by 2015 standards.   The annual renewal is coming up, was curious if anyone has tried the new GolfNow GPS and shot tracking app that came out late last year? I can't seem to find much information or screenshots on the GPS and stats part of the app on either the GN website or the app's page for Android.   If...
I would expect that putts are not well correlated with scores because average number of putts is very tightly grouped no matter the skill-level. PGA pros stick their approach shots close and 2-putt for par, hack golfers stick chips close then 2-putt for 7s. Very different scores, same # of putts.   Most (maybe all) of the counting stats you have listed can be tracked pretty easily with a $30 app on your phone. I've been waffling on Game Golf for over a year now, to track...
I still play with the only set of irons I've ever owned, cavity-back Ping knock-offs purchased in 1991. I had them extended a 1/2" and re-gripped last year, now that the kids are old enough I can get out of the house to play a round here and there. Feels like I should buy a new set, but I'm cheap and not sure what benefits I would get from a new set? They're higher lofted than today's irons, my PW is at 51 for example whereas it seems the typical PW today is 45-48.
Been working to hit my driver consistently all season, crushed one 284 (according to GolfShot) down the left side of a fairway in mid-October. Felt awesome!
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