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Has anyone gotten a Dick's/GG golf mailer recently? I got a couple in March/April, Clay was in both modeling Nike and UA polos.
The fans paid their money, as long as they're not completely out of control or belligerent (on the course, screaming during the swing or hurling insults), I think the pros should deal with it.   I like Spieth, but holy cow how lame is it that he can't focus enough to overcome a camera click? How much do these guys need to be coddled, this isn't a bridge tournament at the local VFW!   I've never understood that attitude from the pros, you're playing in front of...
 I've been thinking more about this recently and I'm starting to come around to this way of thinking. I'm kind of an impatient person, so my tendency is to rush but I have started to realize that constantly feeling rushed sucks the fun out of the game. You can't even enjoy a shot because you're hauling ass to hit the next shot. At the same time, I find it incredibly annoying to watch a group hit shots from one side of the fairway to the other and take 15m to finish a...
4I at the right edge of the house, SW to the center of the green.
I once played with a guy that brought a boombox on his cart and blasted music the entire round, that was really annoying.   I'm "rangefinder guy" with my phone GPS, sometimes wonder if that annoys people.
Has anyone used the "mini" drivers from Taylor Made, that seem to be the "best of both worlds" which someone mentioned earlier in this thread? The're higher lofted with a 43.5" shaft, but have a bigger head than a typical 3W.   I saw something for the new AeroBurner Mini, but then it mentioned they did a "mini" for the SLDR too. Might be a good middle ground, but I've never hit one.
~12 / 0-3
I take that to mean thinking too much about the mechanics of the swing and placement of the club during the actual swing. I found myself in that situation for a while last fall, and it wrecked my swing for a period of time. I watched and read a bunch of stuff on the different "positions" within the swing and where the shaft/head should be in each, then started thinking about where my club was at each position during my swing. It was a mess, I completely lost control of my...
I love this thread, thanks for sharing details and I hope you keep posting your tournament rounds! I saw there's a GolfWeek circuit here in Ohio that starts in 2 weeks, I might try a few events this summer! Obviously they let you use GameGolf on the course, are you allowed to use GPS as well?
Help me out here, I've visited every page on the site and can't figure out how to enter details from a round of golf? How do I enter my scores?
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