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  I'm looking to buy some new fairway woods (3&5) this season. I kind of have my eye's on the Cobra Baffler XL's. Does anybody have these in their bag? If so. How do you like them?                                                                       Thank you.
Good to see a cubs fan here. I grew up in Northlake Ill. But now I'm in Indiana.
  It's been a long cold winter so far. Who's all jonesing for golf? I'm sitting here watching it on TV right now (Pebble beach pro-am) thinking boy, I wish I was out playing. But it's cold in the mid west. I got a new driver I can't wait to try.
  Price wise they seem to be pretty comparable with Global Golf. So I'm good with that. It's just that there are so many counterfeit clubs out there. I just want to be careful where/who I buy from. That's why I'm not a big fan of shopping on ebay and things like that for golf equipment.
Is GolfDiscount.com a legit site?
The one with the red tag says Medium on it. The other says Standard flex. So I'm sure that's the same as Regular flex. But I'm not sure what Medium flex is.
  It's funny how things work. A couple years ago I came across 4 complete sets of older clubs for little to no money. One set was these Macgregor tourney's. The others where a set Wilson 1200 LT's. I like them, but they're a little to short for me. I have a set of King snake MR over size. I think these are a King cobra clone. But they're the one I chose to play with. The last set I had was a set of John Daly Hippo's. These are the ones I gave to my brother when I took up...
    These r the best I can do, as far as pictures go.
  I hope I have this right. "L" = ladies, "A"= senior "R"= regular "S"= stiff "X"= extra stiff.   I have 3 older sets of clubs. I think they date back to the 80's & 90's. On older clubs are codes different? They kind of seem that way by looking at the ones I have.     Wilson 1200 LT= They say Standard flex and they also have 02F on the sticker. Does Standard flex = "R" regular shaft? And can anyone tell me what the LT stands for on these clubs?     King Snake= They...
New Posts  All Forums: