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Luckily although I'm a lefty I took to golf right handed, just found it more natural for me. Dont mean to rub salt in your wounds!!
Thank you all for your advice. Think I will try a few "cheaper" balls and see if it helps with at least some consistency by sticking with the same ball
Hi I'm relatively new to the game. Been playing for just under a year. Normally I use used balls as have a tendancy to lose a couple or three a round lol. I am taking lessons and think my game has improved a lot lately especially since I got fitted for a new set of callaway X2 hots which I love and trust!! Basically would it help to improve my game if I used a specific type of ball? Thanks in advanceI
Can I just say have read most of the 160+ comments on this post and the difference between the first videos and the last video is amazing. Its great that so many people are getting involved to help out. Have picked up a lot of hints and tips to help me with my game so thank you for creating this thread and good luck in your game (think you have nailed the swing etc.!!!)
I am relatively new to the game. Been playing just under a year and am on my third set of golf shoes. Though finally think I have a pair comfortable enough not to leave my feet screeming by the 18th. I have just bought a pair of adidas adizero. By far the most comfortable shoe I have had so far!!
New Posts  All Forums: