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There is no easy road here, I think that reality hit him finally
El cheapo here, I am playing Nike MOJO balls and having great success with them both on the green with feel as well as distance.  I am buying them local for $19.99 for 2 dozen. 
I was finding that it was a real pain to grab my putter when set up in that fashion with my stand bag so I moved it to the top next to my driver.  Otherwise all clubs are in order wedges closest to the legs and irons in ascending order moving up towards my woods/driver/putter.  I am pleased with this set up but do find when I ride I start moving my clubs around a bit almost in a circular fashion ( I have a 14 way divider but only carry 11)
I have the Nike Performance Hybrid and am very happy with it, it sits great on both push carts and riding carts and carries like a dream.  Can't beat it especially saying it can be found online for $150 or so.  The Sun Mountain offerings are also a great choice, the four 5 was a close contender for me but I ended up being brand loyal to Nike in the end. 
The wife and myself both walk 2-3 times per week and have been really happy with the Nike offerings.  She has the Nike Air Sport and I have the Nike Performance Hybrid.  The Air Sport weighs in just over 4 pounds and is built like a tank.  I went with the hybrid because I am a fan of having a 14 way divider. The straps and suspension system are 10/10 and are very comfortable even with a fully loaded down bag. 
I have been carrying a dozen.  I am a newer golfer that is very inconsistent, I can play 18 with 1 ball and then play a round a few days later and lose 6.  I buy in bulk so I usually have 2-3 dozen at the house in the living room that has since been converted to a putting green. 
Titelist Vokey SM5 54/10 S Grind, so far I am having a love hate relationship with this club, taken it on 3 rounds and have had success on 2 of 3, the odd one out I just couldn't make solid contact.  We shall see if this one stays in the bag. 
Any other Ohio golfers following all this nonsense with Lebron James? 
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