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Absolutely amazing golf.  Good for Rickie.  That'll shut the haters right up.
Gary McCord and Peter Jacobson are pretty annoying, their humor seems forced. Feherty is awesome. Gannon is good, I don't particularly care either way for Nobilo. I like Miller, Faldo, Maltbie. Chamblee and Tripp Isenhour are douches.  Van Pelt is excellent, I agree.  Chris Berman doesn't belong anywhere near a golf broadcasting booth, though.  
Cool story, how crazy would it be if he could somehow make the cut?  This might prompt him to give golf another shot.
Yup, the guy has all the physical ability in the world.  If he can put it together, he could be quite good.  He's had some nice finishes on the Web.com Tour so far and I think he's in the Top 25, so we could be seeing him on the PGA Tour next year.
I enjoyed watching the majors this year, but many didn't and I understand why.  They certainly weren't nail-biters.  I think the British is going to be quite entertaining, we're bound to get a good one here eventually.
When I first saw Reed emerge, I could tell he was going to be good and I rooted for him.  The more I hear him speak and see him play, the more I think he's a complete douche.  I quite enjoyed his meltdown at Congressional.
New Posts  All Forums: