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Clutch by Louis.  I wanna see ZJ and then Louis win.  Leishman does nothing for me.
Great run by Spieth.  Oh well..  Rooting for ZJ now.
I already have two tickets for Thursday.  I want to see a competitive round and with all the players so I figured this would be the best day.
Zach Johnson looking real comfy right now...
Always trust your first instinct...
One guy that impressed me is Will Wilcox.  Man, can that dude hit a golf ball.
I agree with this.  I'll be rooting for Spieth as well.  What he's doing is good for the game.
Nice to see Kooch in contention.  Hasn't had a very good year so far.  Also, you can't help but think that some of these names on the leaderboard will be around next week as well.
He's one of my top picks as well.
 Yes.  She's an attractive girl.  Yea, I live south of York down I-83 and I had now idea what they had there.  Just gorgeous. Yea I agree.  Also, she was playing with Mo Martin, so that probably made her look even taller haha.  I watched that group, and the group behind with Ko and Lewis a good bit.  Lewis was striping her irons.
New Posts  All Forums: