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I figured I could upload some pics for you guys, in case that would help at all. I have it listed on eBay now, and got a message from a user on there saying that it is 1 of 100 made, not necessarily the first one out of the 100.       
I *think* I tried that before, but now I honestly can't remember! Thank you, though. I'll try contacting them again tonight!!
First, I will apologize in advance for my complete and utter lack of golf knowledge. I just have no idea where else I can go for advice/answers on this, and I'm hoping you guys can help. I have a Tad Moore putter from my dad, and I'm wondering if it's something worth trying to sell on eBay, since I'm in no way a golfer myself. I do have pictures I can upload, if that will help, but it has printed on it that it's a "Shorty", #1/100 from the 79th PGA Championship in 1997 at...
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