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Makes sense to me,  and I'm a right hander.  Thanks
I have had both of my shoulders worked on,  both for rotater cuff,  and one for a biceps rupture.  Strangely,  playing golf didn't really bother me playing,  just was sore afterwards.  Doing everyday activities bothered me more.  Now,  I have good range of movement,  but there not the same.  I need to be strengthening them regularly,  which I am lax to do.  But,  playing golf is not a problem,  except that my swing speed is not very good.  Thinking about going to graphite...
Agree,  subtle is nice.
yellowboy,  like your avatar.  I had a yellow lab,  until he got old with cancer,  and had to put him down.  Name was Max.  Best dog I've ever had!
this reminds me of a question I had recently.  I was playing with a guy that would hit a distance ball off the tee,  then for the 2nd or 3rd shot,  would change balls to a softer ball.  I told him he should play the same ball throughtout the hole. What do you guys say?
For someone who just plays "found"  balls,  you should be fine.  lol
hope you recover well,  and are on the golf course in no time.
OK,  another newby question.  Do you guys get ALL your clubs adjusted,  or just the irons?  
Thanks for the replies guys.   WUTiger,  I did just hit several clubs at Golfsmith recently,  but haven't made up my mind what to go with yet.  I hit the Razr X graphite best of all,  but others were OK too.  I've found Razr X graphite, 5-PW for under $350,  and also Nike VRS X in steel, 4-PW, AW for less than $300.  These seemed like good deals to me,  especially if I could get them adjusted later if needed.
Does the "NG" on the Callaway X HOT NG clubs mean "new grooves"?  If so,  is this preferable to the regular X HOT ?  Being new to golf clubs,  it's confusing at times what all the letters/symbols mean.     Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: