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My Adams a12 os is one of my favorite clubs
FWIW,  I bought the Machspeed for my son, and we both think they are a great club for the money.  Very forgiving.
Thanks for the replies guys.  Interesting.  I only have a pull cart for the occasional times I play a par 3 course.  Otherwise,  I ride.  With bad knees and after 3 knee surgeries ( and probably more in the future),  I find it more enjoyable for me to ride.   Although  I do think it's easier to concentrate on the game while walking. 
Forgot to mention,  that I'm looking at getting graphite irons.  With having both shoulders operated on,  my clubhead speed is only in the high 70's.  Would this mean that I should look at the Razr X over the NG's?  
I've never used a Push type cart,  but I don't know what the big deal is.  Pulling a bag/cart just seems natural to me,  but as I've said,  I've never used a Push one.  Is it better?  Just seems more expensive to me.  What are yall's (I know,  I'm southern) experience with them?
If you were buying a new set,  would you buy the Razr X or the Razr X NG?  Just wondering.
Makes sense to me,  and I'm a right hander.  Thanks
I have had both of my shoulders worked on,  both for rotater cuff,  and one for a biceps rupture.  Strangely,  playing golf didn't really bother me playing,  just was sore afterwards.  Doing everyday activities bothered me more.  Now,  I have good range of movement,  but there not the same.  I need to be strengthening them regularly,  which I am lax to do.  But,  playing golf is not a problem,  except that my swing speed is not very good.  Thinking about going to graphite...
Agree,  subtle is nice.
yellowboy,  like your avatar.  I had a yellow lab,  until he got old with cancer,  and had to put him down.  Name was Max.  Best dog I've ever had!
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