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i think he meant 2 inches, not 2 feet, it was a supposed cure for fat shots!
After playing about 5 times a year maximum for the last 3 years I really got back into golf for the last 2-3 months of the season. I had a handicap of 9.3 and I have gotten it down to 8.3 playing some decent stuff. Hopefully if I re-dedicate myself as I plan to I can get down to around 5 next season. If this weekend turns out to have been qualifying I shallbe down to around 7.7/7.9 depending on SSS
Had 75 in a club competition today, delighted!!
Yeh its gone to auction and is sitting at £71 right now, which I'm happy with, didn't think it would get near £80 as I sold a putter at a huge loss earlier in the week!
Just selling this as I am a ho and just bought a Titleist 906f2 instead! Been used in 3 rounds of golf and is in perfect shape bar a few tee marks on the sole! Comes with headcover £80 buy it now price http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...TODAY.m238.lVI
Last night, playing the par 5 6th. Around 510 yards dogleg left. Lined with trees. Drive struck great but not enough draw on it. Sails into the trees about 280 yards on the right. Get down there and find it within seconds behind a tree. Pitch out sideways into the fairway, about 210 to go. Pull out a hybrid, good strike again but into the greenside bunker. Catch the bunker shot a bit fat, too much sand, leaving about 15 feet for par,downhill, big swing from the right....
Pigs was harsh, but I don' t think either of them are particularly attractive, once you look past the fact they play golf
The new SC Fastback and Squareback putters look pretty cool...and small
Odyssey White Hot XG No.9??
Add another 3 wood and putter and shaft to that list and another hybrid is coming....o dear!!
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