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No worries man!
never give up!
My kids are "giving" it to me for Christmas, so I am not permitted to open it yet.  I had it cut down 1/2" too, so I am eager to see how it all goes! 
Dropped a titleist 906f4 3w for a X2 hot 4w.  The 60* wedge was an older cleveland and the 19* hybrid was a TM Dual rescue.  Better now?
Anyone making any?  I dropped the 3W for a 4W, dropped the 60* wedge and a few lower lofted hybrids.  This was my first year playing and I learned a thing or two about what works for me and what doesn't.  I pulled 4 clubs total that I "wanted" to work for me, but honest reflection reminded me that they usually added strokes to my round.  Finally, I am going to try the Bridgestone E6 ball next season.  How about you all?
I am with you here!  Head cover comes off, hit my shot, wipe the club clean and head cover goes back on.  I do this very quickly so it doesn't slow down the pace of play. 
I practicing chipping often and the keys to remember that help me are to accelerate through the ball, place it back a little in your stance and keeping your weight down and forward.  Club selection depends on whats in front of you.  I chip with a 6 iron all the way down to my 56* depending on the scenario, but my 7i or 8i usually get the nod if I need a little roll.
I only like natural tees and I refuse to add up my score until the rounds over!
New Posts  All Forums: