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I am with you here!  Head cover comes off, hit my shot, wipe the club clean and head cover goes back on.  I do this very quickly so it doesn't slow down the pace of play. 
I practicing chipping often and the keys to remember that help me are to accelerate through the ball, place it back a little in your stance and keeping your weight down and forward.  Club selection depends on whats in front of you.  I chip with a 6 iron all the way down to my 56* depending on the scenario, but my 7i or 8i usually get the nod if I need a little roll.
I only like natural tees and I refuse to add up my score until the rounds over!
Guy in the car sounds like a piece of garbage....
Don't over think it....grip and rip!
What is your old "go to" club for confidence and consistency?  Mine has been my 22* 4H lately.  Its seems to work out well from the tee to the rough no matter how poorly I may hitting everything else in my bag.  How about you guys?
Pretty strange...
Good topic!
A few months ago, I was in the Warren, MI area for work and I went to go and play 9 holes with a coworker.  We went to a busy city course and we had to tee off before an evening league got started.  This is my first year golfing and I was not accustomed to having people stand around and watch me, let alone 40!  I volunteered to go first and I was incredibly nervous and stiff with all of those guys talking and staring at me.  I swung really hard and must have caught the...
New Posts  All Forums: