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I do pretty good to about 130 yds.  I can hit the green half the time or so.  Now, the course I play at does have fairly large greens, and I'm not saying I leave good birdie opportunities, just that it's on the green.  Rarely is it within 20 ft.   Past that, and I'm hitting the green much less than half of the time.  I've never put a pen to it, but I'm guessing 30% or so.
A pastry huh? Is that what we're calling it?  
I've changed a few things in my swing since back when I was slicing everything.   -  Weight forward -  Choke up 1" or more -  Stop trying to kill it.  I realized I had a huge chunk of titanium on a 4 foot stick.  Don't have to swing as hard as I can.
BrownCoast, don't rule out used golf balls.  Most times you can get what you want at a fraction of the new cost.   I've never ordered from this site, but they appear to have very reasonable prices.  Those b6 balls you were talking about are under $7 per dozen.   http://www.golfballsdirect.com/category_s/200.htm
I just don't like hazards that are unseen from the teebox but come into play with an otherwise good shot.  I don't want to hit it 250 yds in the middle of the fairway and be in a freakin bunker or water.  That's just silly to me.   Make it tough.  Put a lake down one side, but don't put stuff in the middle of the fairway.
My dislike for Bubba doesn't stem from his outbursts of emotion or swearing.  Hell, I'm a Tiger fan so I certainly couldn't fault anyone for that, as he does it more than anyone.   The thing I can't stand is him blaming his poor play on conditions, which every golfer in the field has to play in.  So you can't play with water on your clubface?  Okay, that means you're not as good as most of the other, because they didn't seem to have many issues with it.   Also, any...
Funny bit, and good response by the PGA.  I'm sure Fallon loved it too.
I voted 6. Averaging a major win per year would be pretty impressive.
The gut wrenching part is reading the tweets by his teenage daughter about loving and missing her dad. You'd like to think that no matter how bad things got that you wouldn't take your own life, especially when you have children that it will effect directly.   But then again, I don't have issues with clinical depression so I don't know where he was mentally and emotionally.   This goes to show that the wealthy are not immune to mental disorders any more than any of...
I don't think Phil was mad because they teed off.  Rickie said they knew they were going to tee off but they didn't know they were going to hit their second shots.  I think they were just surprised at the approaches, that's all.     Don't believe everything you hear the media report.
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