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Shhhhhhh! Close to the vest.
    Didn't hunt Chucks in SEA I was holding down the Fort 150 miles north of Bangkok at Korat RTAB. Did kill a couple Cobras and Black Scorpions. I was a big fan of duck hunting and White Tails, Archery and gun. Living in Jersey I lost most of my stompin' grounds to blocked roads and posted signs. Everyone who has an acre owned or claimed gets all attituded up. So screw it. I still have all my hardware though.
I guess that is what we would call a Swedish Meatball?
 Somebody made a right turn in front of me while I was riding my motorcycle, missed him but had a head-on with the car behind him........................I did not get rich from the insurance co, but all medical was covered, 
I stumbled across this today. 2014 is the 50th  year of "Champagne" Tony Lema's victory at the British Open at St Andrews. With a  putter and caddy borrowed from Arnold Palmer to defeat Jack Nicklaus by 5 strokes.
I need more coffee, this should be in; "What are you listening to right now". ........................What a bone head!
 When I was 4 I was found walking on the South St Bridge in Philly after dark. I man picked me up and took me to the Police Station in the neighborhood. My parents were located and I was back home. No arrests, child services or social workers coming around. The yr was 1955. Today Mom and Dad would be hung by their thumbs and I would be in the "PROTECTIVE CUSTODY OF CHILD SERVICES" of some "CARING" foster parents...........
 The theme song from "Sophia The First" as I sit here watching my 3 yr old grand daughter.
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. 
Shattered upper humorous broke both hands and dislocated shoulder. Now using a baseball grip, half back swing 75mph swing speed. Straight down the pipe every time. This fix is not recommended for anyone!
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