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I just purchased the Cleveland Classic XL (Black) and love it, beats my Cobra Amp Cell which I am now selling. I hit the Cleveland longer and straighter. I guess it just depends on what suits your swing / game.
I purchased the TaylorMade Mini Driver. Shorter than a driver (but not by much), straight as a 3 wood.
We play nine holes in our league, one week I shoot a 43 on a challenging course. The next week I go out and shoot a 54 on a relatively easy course! What the hell explains that?
Putting, by far. I could save a lot of strokes if I could just stop three putting.
I just read Ben Hogan's book again. His advise is once you have gotten a good, repeatable swing, don't hold anything back, swing at 100+.
Save the bucks, go for the $65 fitting.
Hit a three hybrid up over some tall trees and landed it on the green 200 yards away, seven feet from the pin.
Hit a tree and it bounced back and hit me in the head, hurt like hell. 
~1973 Ping blade putter, very old but very good.
Well I did it, I purchased a 52* Fourteen wedge. Beautiful club, haven't used it yet on the course, I'll see how I like the grind, maybe have the pro grind it for me if I don't the turf interaction, we'll see. By the way the wedge did cost $185 + tax so they are a little pricey, but I really like them.
New Posts  All Forums: