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 I agree, but then there are still two ways to look at it:1) The OOB as a whole is to be dismissed2) The fact that it only applies to tee shots is to be dismissed We went with the second option in the end, but I played the ball from where it was considering the OOB zone ended at the last stake.
Hello everyone, Apologies if the below has been asked before, but I couldn't find it through a search. I was playing matchplay against a friend 2 days ago, when the following situation happens: We were playing hole 5, for which a local rule states that for shots of the tee, hole 14 is out of bounds. Along the left side of #5, there are white stakes clearly showing this internal out of bounds, however these stop as of a certain moment. My tee shot landed left of the...
I don't know about the repeat heel hits, but he hit the ball directly with the shaft, not even the clubface...   Now I'll be scared to mishit my driver  
Hi & welcome to the forum! I'm far from the most experienced guy on here, but based on my own experience I think you would see the biggest improvement from taking lessons with a good pro.   When I just started playing, I started of with a beginner set probably much like the one you have. I upgraded to new clubs (Ping G25s) after about 3 months, but despite them 'feeling' better to me, I did not hit the ball any better... As you say that your issue is hitting the ground...
I use a GolfBuddy WT3, which I'm very happy with. It should be around the price range your looking for, so you may want to check it out. One warning in case you never used one before: once you're used to it, it becomes very annoying to play without
First, as a disclaimer: I did not see the actual events that took place, it was quite late on my side of the world. If I get the facts wrong, please disregard my statement. I do wonder though, from what I read here, didn't Phil an Ricky get disadvantaged from letting the final group catch up? I often play late in the evening in the summer, and at some point, 5 mins (or less) means the difference between seeing clearly and having a lot of difficulties locating the pin on a...
I was out playing with my wife today (who just recently started playing) on a pitch and putt course. 66 m (72 yards) narrow par-3 hole. Group in front is three people, incl. a beginner and let's us pay through. With all of them watching, I hit a nice half SW, ball bounces once slightly before the green, starts rolling and drops in the cup... Yet I had just 30 sec before shot my initial tee shot out of bounds... Best shot so far in my golf career, yet so ambiguous as I was...
This happens a lot to me. Just today, played a 9 hole par-3 course. Shot 13 over on the first 9 (9 over on first 3), 5 over playing the same 9 again... I like to blame it on 'not being warmed up'...yet in the end it just means I'm still very inconsistent.
 The hitting vs swinging concept didn't really resonate with me, but the aimpoint is an interesting idea. I already did that with my driver (as per the driver video in another current post on this site), but I gave it a try with wedges today on the range and it seemed to work pretty well. Thanks for the link!
I'm a consultant at a strategy consulting firm
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