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I'm an Electrical Inspector for the City of St. Louis. It pays the bills.
I love to fly southwest. Took my golf clubs with me to Charleston, SC when I visited my mother for a few days. I played River Towne and the Harbor Course at Wild Dunes. And these last three days in St. Louis have had weather like Palm Springs. I played the Highlands at Forest Park on Saturday and Sunday. I will continue with plenty of practice greens and range time as the weather gets cold again. Thinking about the spring and how I love to get out of town and play in new...
One of my few Black Friday purchases was the Nikon Coolshot AS Slope laser rangefinder at $200. Generally, I'm clueless as to the distances I'm hitting each club in my bag. This will no longer be the case. I am hoping to play some courses around Charleston, SC soon and learn how to use this device. I like the idea of knowing slope adjusted distances. It will be a great confidence builder. Tournament play is not a factor for me. I will have a better feel for distances and...
Just called the course--it's an eighteen hole round--not nine as I posted above.
Woops, wrote the date wrong above. 9 holes today Sat, SEPTEMBER 6 at Belk Park with cart $12. Lemme know or PM me
I just used a BOGO that I earned from GolfNow. Booked a 2:06 tee time at Belk Park for tomorrow Saturday, Sept 5. Nine Holes with cart for $12. Anyone interested?
Hey Mike, What courses do you like near Marion and around Southern Illinois? I just joined the StL golf group: http://thesandtrap.com/groups/show/92/st-louis-archland-golfers Check it out!
I've never gotten up early enough to play at 7am. I get up early every day for work though. Trying to wind down earlier in the evening so that I can wake up early.
Absolutely looking forward to playing with y'all. I'll PM you Brian--we're almost neighbors. I am playing Woods Fort in Troy, MO tomorrow. I generally don't venture so far to play, but I have family out that way and we're going to get together in the afternoon.
Hey Brian,  Great to know that there are more St. Louisans here. I live in the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood--not far from Ted Drewes. Ten to fifteen minutes south of my house is Tower Tee. I love that place. Steve Lotz is a great teacher. If I drive North on Hampton to Forest Park there is the practice facility at The Highlands. Did you know that for $50 you get unlimited buckets of balls, two group seminars and other benefits?
New Posts  All Forums: