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I'm 6'4" and my clubs are 1 1/2" over standard length. Some of the clubs I've added to my set were just standard length that I had lengthened. I wouldn't waste any money on a driver if you're just starting out. Learn to hit the fairway woods first. You might want to start out learning to hit the short irons: SW, PW, 9, 8, 7 
I practice Ashtanga yoga six days a week, very early in the morning.
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 golf balls.   Dustin Johnson -13 Louis Oosthuizen -11 Adam Scott -15
Back from the range. As bad, or worse than the golfing Dad with kids, is the business person who runs into someone they know. And they happen to be right next to you. So they commence to talking about everything. I wanted to tell them to just go get themselves a room and they can talk all they want. 
 Im doing a little work on wheel every day. Thanks joekelly
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!   Dustin Johnson -6   Jason Day -6 Brandt Snedeker -6
I'm an Electrical Inspector for the City of St. Louis. It pays the bills.
I love to fly southwest. Took my golf clubs with me to Charleston, SC when I visited my mother for a few days. I played River Towne and the Harbor Course at Wild Dunes. And these last three days in St. Louis have had weather like Palm Springs. I played the Highlands at Forest Park on Saturday and Sunday. I will continue with plenty of practice greens and range time as the weather gets cold again. Thinking about the spring and how I love to get out of town and play in new...
One of my few Black Friday purchases was the Nikon Coolshot AS Slope laser rangefinder at $200. Generally, I'm clueless as to the distances I'm hitting each club in my bag. This will no longer be the case. I am hoping to play some courses around Charleston, SC soon and learn how to use this device. I like the idea of knowing slope adjusted distances. It will be a great confidence builder. Tournament play is not a factor for me. I will have a better feel for distances and...
Just called the course--it's an eighteen hole round--not nine as I posted above.
New Posts  All Forums: