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I was wondering if any of you could help me with answering a question.  What is the size (cc's) of the older King Cobra drivers such as the one pictured?  Just picked one of these up in a second-hand shop, and I love the way it hits.   Thanks,
Man! Good news on the golf -- not so good on the pills. Not that bad.
I'm sure I'll get a lot of responses to this post, so first let me apologize for its length. I am/was a marathoner. I'm having to give it up because the constant, repetitive pounding really took a toll on the discs in by lower back. I do notice, however, that when I golf or practice swings, my back is not bothered by the torque -- in fact, golfing actually makes my back feel better. I guess I don't have a problem with "glute activation" (sorry -- couldn't resist the Tiger...
I only started watching last season and was hooked. Recording this season. Have a few participants I'm pulling for.
Played Houston Oaks in Paris. I love that course. Really good winter rates!
Went golfing at an awesome top 10 (for my state) course last weekend. Now we're looking at over a foot of snow with more on the way. Had plans for a round today...
It seems like the weatherman teases us. All of our bad weather seems to fall on the weekends, and the remaining nastiness extends throughout the week. I need one of those golf simulators like on the Golf Channel. I just don't have $25,000 to spend.
Too much snow here in Kentucky, and more on the way...
With the weather here in Kentucky, it could be in the 50's and dry one day, then in the 20's and sleet the next.  Anyway, I really haven't invested in any true training aids except for the practice balls and such.   One aid I do have is a weighted training club (swing trainer).  I can use this inside due to the vaulted ceilings.   My question is concerning the nets that I've seen on ebay.  These nets are anchored in the ground and are for practicing chipping and...
It's funny how we don't realize the little things that can make such a huge impact on our game.
New Posts  All Forums: