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I guess control is more important than distance...i think the macho man inside me just expects that I should be able to swing faster than that. then again,i guess there's a reason why my handicap is through the roof... lol
so that would effectively turn my six into say a nine? because I'm more or less sco oping?
I'll definitely look some up. so it does lower swing speeds then?
I'm an idiot. that's supposed to say casting. how do I fix that
...I didn't mention anything about carrying. or if I did. I still haven't figured out where..
I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have a very slow swing speed. like 60 mph with a 6 iron slow. I'm an inshape, six foot, twentyone year old male. I should be capable of faster. I believe I have a serious casting issue. ie I tend to unhinge my wrists almost immediately at the start of the downswing. I usually make good contact but they don't go far. 140 with the 6. the casting is what is causing the severely slow SS correct? thanks.
I was hitting on the launch monitors at golfsmith and had two back to back odd shots. my swing speed increased fifteen mph, I got an extra thirty yards, and my rpms went from about 3500 to 5000. I was never able to replicate it. fluke?
http://www.mgatour.com/ Didn't know if any of y'all had heard of this, so I'm sharing. Enjoy!
I took a video, but i don't have a way to post it because i live in the boonies with no internet. A few things i noticed right away. My head stayed still right up to the end of the backswing. However, at the very end, it looks like my shoulder coming around pushes my head away from the target a few inches. I also noticed that right after impact, my arms both almost immediately begin to break down and bend. What is the best way to this these issues. I think holding my head...
Very helpful. Thanks!
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