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Should I just use a high-grit sandpaper?
I just used a toothpick. The hardest part was being patient enough to let each part dry before I moved onto the next part. 
For anybody interested, back in the summer, I found a set of my grandpa's old clubs at his house, so I decided I redo the paint for him. I think they turned out pretty well for my first paintfill. Now if I could only find some vintage RAM grips...                            
 Scrubbing Bubbles would be better lol
Lol. How did I know you were going to say that. I went out today and practiced setting up with the club and hands more forward. It feels awkward, but it does feel like its more powerful. 
 Oh ok. Got it. Did anything else stick out to you as needing serious work? Obviously, my swing is nowhere near perfect, but I want to make sure I don't have any other serious fundamental flaws. I went back and watched another recording of myself and noticed that my hips slide forward but my weight seems to stay about 50/50. I'm going to work on driving that right knee towards my left one to get more weight over.
I would want a putter that is this style of metal. Reminds me of gun metal. On the bottom of the putter, I would want a Texas Ranger badge, similar to this one.     http://mikenielson.com/images/badge.jpg   However, I would want the badge to be plain. I would want the "Texas Rangers" to be located offset to the right where it says "Custom Factory" and the badge to the left of that and centered.     For a line to aim the putter, I would ditch the circle and instead...
Ok. So less knee bend. And moving the ball forward should take care of the hands, as long as the face is resting properly. Hands should always be in front of the club face, correct? With all clubs? Also, do you recommend playing the ball from the same position relative to my left foot? Like with a 7i, I would play it from the same position as my driver, except my right foot is closer to the ball?
Never mind. I read it out of context.
 I'm a bit confused as to what you're referring to...
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