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Hey everybody!   These are really good responses! Some of y'all seem like real interesting characters lol  
Do y'all have any weird quirks or preferences? For instance, I only prefer red, white, or blue tees. And yellow golf balls. I cannot drive a white golf ball. I just can't do it. Now a yellow one, drives are solid. White one? Slice, hook, anywhere but where I want it.
Do y'all know of any sites where you can watch old tournaments? I know they have them for other sports. Also, are there any links to threads that really explain how penalty strokes are assessed?
I guess control is more important than distance...i think the macho man inside me just expects that I should be able to swing faster than that. then again,i guess there's a reason why my handicap is through the roof... lol
so that would effectively turn my six into say a nine? because I'm more or less sco oping?
I'll definitely look some up. so it does lower swing speeds then?
I'm an idiot. that's supposed to say casting. how do I fix that
...I didn't mention anything about carrying. or if I did. I still haven't figured out where..
I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have a very slow swing speed. like 60 mph with a 6 iron slow. I'm an inshape, six foot, twentyone year old male. I should be capable of faster. I believe I have a serious casting issue. ie I tend to unhinge my wrists almost immediately at the start of the downswing. I usually make good contact but they don't go far. 140 with the 6. the casting is what is causing the severely slow SS correct? thanks.
I was hitting on the launch monitors at golfsmith and had two back to back odd shots. my swing speed increased fifteen mph, I got an extra thirty yards, and my rpms went from about 3500 to 5000. I was never able to replicate it. fluke?
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