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and from there, weight shifts to back, hips stay forward, weight shifts back forward, and followthrough?
I do struggle with secondary axis tilt. every time I consciously set up with it, I feel like this picture.  I know I'm not near that bad. Where should my weight be at address with axis tilt? Lead foot?      
What is considered a reverse hip slide?
It's more of a feel, but it was confirmed by the professor of the golf class I'm taking at college. (interestingly enough, he was Ryan Palmer's collegiate coach...I couldn't convince him to give me lessons) Is there an allowable threshold of movement for the lead hip or is any movement considered a reverse hip slide?
@mvmac, would you mind elaborating a little on the backswing. whenever i try to get into the position on the right, I wind up with all my weight on the front. How can I keep my lead hip from moving without retaining all my weight on it?
Not the best quality, but here ya go.    
I hope to get a video up tonight. I've been working at fixing the driver and they're getting straighter. While practicing today, I noticed several different things.   1. My right shoulder doesn't get all the way back during my backswing. Instead of a 90 degree turn, it feels like a 70 degree turn and I hit a fade/small slice. When it does get back there, my shots are either great or horrible. I think I wind up taking my eye off the ball. 2. My backswing is still...
What do y'all think about Tiger's mental game? Obviously none of us know for sure, but it seemed to me watching him today that he might be just as mentally strong as ever. The way he was all over the course, but still only one over before withdrawing...it makes me think that his head was the only thing keeping him from blowing up.
Are there any modern balls remotely comparable? I've only ever seen a handful of balatas, so I don't think they'd be easy to find...
Just wondering what kind of ball my fellow persimmon players play or those of you who take them for a spin every once in a while. Obviously, we're in the minority and everyone is different, but have you found any golf ball that you felt played significantly better with your persimmon? Or do they all play about the same? Please clarify where you felt the ball helped most, whether distance, control, or whatever.  Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: