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What if the moving golf balls delivery, was precision "controlled" and the balls were delivered to the exact same spot/location (the impact zone) at precisely the same speed of delivery for each ball. Say a ball was projected towards the "Impact Zone" the moment you started you swing and it was guaranteed to "arrive" at the impact zone in precisely (for example) 1.5 seconds from the start of your swing. So you'd only have 1.5 seconds in which to hit the ball. If you are to...
You make a good point, I cant say one way or the other I just happen to think its an interesting topic. For example, watch this golf instructor here from an old YT video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sXqv4Bohf8I'm referring to a golf ball that is gently rolled to you (from the opposite side of the target line) And if each and every ball was sent to you at the exact same predictable rate every time, well then, eventually you wouldn't necessarily be hitting a "moving...
if it is harder, then would practicing doing something that's harder make striking the stationary ball get even easier?
By the way, when I say "moving" I'm not talking about a 98mph fastball. something much more gentle. Watch this golf instructor in this video for example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sXqv4Bohf8
Interesting point. To clarify, a moving ball (to practice) may be helpful by making you focus on the timing instead of over thinking your swing. So, since you mentioned, "it would only work if my swing was flawless and automatic", then wouldn't practicing to "make it work" ultimately develop a more "automatic" swing with fewer flaws?
Ive had this on my mind for quite some time. For those of you who grew up playing moving ball/puck sports like baseball, hockey, tennis, cricket etc, do you think (use your imagination here)  that if the golf ball was gently pitched/rolled to you, that you'd find it more instinctual and less of a mental burden to strike it well?  Is it actually more difficult to strike a stationary ball as opposed to a moving ball? Do you think practicing, in some way, with a moving ball...
New Posts  All Forums: