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Haha, one, you don't swing at 145 MPH. Two, if your shots go left AND right, its your swing. It happens to everyone, sorry.
Well I personally do not think we need Pro-V1's on any greens, except for extremely fast hard ones. I use DT Carry's at the moment, and I play off a AGU 6 handicap.
Yeah, I completely agree! Tour Ix is great too.
I didn't improve for ages and got stuck on 10, 11 and 12, and took about 2 months to get from 10 to 9, but just recently, I came from 8.4 to 7.2 in 3 games!
Nice! I just got a new putter, 60 year old Jene Littler Bullseye out of the garage, had 29 putts with it today best I've ever putted, haha.
My most impressive was parring 6, birdieing 7, then parring the next 11 (to shoot 6 over lol)
Man, the American HCP is way different to our system. Our system only works on comp rounds, and stableford is like stroke, except you stop playing when you score more than 1 over your handicap for the hole. And you wouldn't normally play for a wager if you were playing with a random in a comp... They aren't really that social.
Or are you talking about Nikki Garrett? My instructor is actually her coach anyway haha.
LOL, don't tell me your the local pro? I already have an instructor from my old club and he is great, I won't be using the one from Magenta.
WTF, they should never sting when you hit it well like you said you did with the J33 irons, no irons sting when hit perfect no matter what they are.
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