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I'm not so sure. I've met some stuck up prats who think the slightest violation of the rules is an earth shattering event.
Just because you make someone answer a few question doesn't mean they will replace every divot or repair a pitch mark. I've seen some experienced players make a total hash of repairing pitch marks!
A combination of Hall, my surname, and Ryu. Ryu meaning school in Japanese. I created the username years ago when I was heavily into martial arts. I use the same username everywhere on the interweb!
It's a no for me. Is there any other sport that makes noobs take an exam before playing? The question is probably routed in the misplaced elitism that pervades this sport. It would be a shame if the sport was the preserve of the conforming few to the exclusion of others. I'm very well aware of the rules and the etiquette required, but if I was forced to take a test first I would not at all be interested.
Having a spoon in the bag is a must for every golfer IMO. Sometimes driver just doesn't go where we want it to and a three wood just gives you that confidence to hit a good length tee shot without the need to play a provisional!
Very interesting thread. I have made quite a few swing changes recently so I'm going to let those settle in before trying to move my hips as described but I'm encouraged by some of the positive comments from those that have tried to incorporate this movement in to their swing.
The game is expensive as it is. If people are swayed into buying expensive custom shafts then it's going to be even more expensive (for them). I've been following MC's videos for a while now and I'm inclined to believe him. For most of us strike is far more important than a shaft will ever be.
A fee months ago I would have said pitching wedge but now I've all but eliminated my slice I'm loving my new SLDR driver. Whilst I'm a little off being able to hit the fades and draws you guys discuss i am enjoying hitting it straighter and further than I ever have before. Highlight for me was hitting the front right of the green off the tee on a 289 yard hole recently.
Now I've seen more of his videos and read some more blogs I'm beginning to see where some of the folks are coming from here. I would also like to see more real ball data!
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