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I've been a fan for about a year or so. I like the fact that he doesn't take it too seriously at times.
I started Yoga 4 weeks ago. Started mainly to increase my flexibility and my core strength. However, I now realise that if you really commit to executing the moves properly with the correct breathing it's actually a full body toning and flexibility workout. The relaxation breathing exercises to start and finish are a serious bonus too. Discussed with the instructor about sorting out a golf specific routine to practice at home in between lessons.
D 240-250 3W 220 3H 200 4H 185 5I 174 6I 166 7I 156 8I 146 9I 135 PW 115 GW 105 SW 80 LW 60
Strong lofts and a bit longer than standard too. However, I love the look of them.
Played my first round with these balls the other day. Shot my best score too. First drive off the tee was surprising given how soft these feel. Came off the face like a much harder ball. Nice flight too. It's around the greens that these balls shine. They are buttery soft, like the old balata balls. On the green they rolled really well. Definitely my new ball for this season. I was a little worried about the durability but after a full round with the same ball I couldn't...
I've noticed I tend to stand very square to the ball and as I have a bad back I struggle to get a full shoulder turn. Perhaps flaring my feet more will give me a little extra flexibility.
My Ping O-Blade putter. It's pretty beat up from being abused when I was a youngster but my dad bought it for me and it's been in my bag ever since. Love you dad and see you at the great gig in the sky someday.
I'd hit that!
Recently watched a review of the new balls and the spin and distance look good if the price is to believed. Will putting a dozen of these in the bag when they land mid Jan.
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